My 1st cycle came today, cant remember the last, I can use a little guidance

by Chloe
(NY, NY)

Hi everybody,

I hope all is well.

To my complete shock I woke up to my menstrual cycle, shocked! I was lucky if I had a cycle on birth control, when I did it was rare and very, very heavy with lots of clotting.

This must sound so ridiculous ay my age, but this is the only place where someone will understand "I got my period" eh hem, at 42 years old. I had some mild cramping yesterday, but I'm so used to feeling that, with no results, my mood was really good as well, so I figured it's my usual self. I guess the excitement is from my body doing something it is supposed to do.

Yesterday evening I increased my dosage by 40mg, I am usually using 120mg daily. Some unexpected news came, and I became very stressed, so I figured I would take the advice here and increase the dose a little.

My questions are, did the dose increase bring on my period? If so, does that mean its an optimal dose for me? And should I stay on progesterone through the bleeding and for 3 months as I read if you have severe PCOS. Or should I try to create a cycle now? I have been only using it 2 1/2 weeks. I don't want to screw anything up and make the wrong move.

Thank you for any advice,
have a great day!

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Aug 26, 2014
Really hoping someone finds tis and can help
by: Chloe

Since my post above this, I have been using a heating pad, 800mg of Motrin, and I'm changing my pad every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I haven't had cramps like this since I was in my early teens. If I make a sudden movement in just the right way, I honestly feel like it may leak. On a funny note, my dad called said he is running to Rite-Aid and could I or the kids use anything? I said yes!I now it's awkward but pads please! just make sure they say overnight pads. So here I sit in bladder pads, lol because they said overnight, It's like 1/2 step below wearing a diaper. Turns out anything less really wouldn't be working this well.
I will continue to look for some older posts with a question similar to mine, I usually try to do that if possible. In the meanwhile, I'm really wondering if I should continue the severe PCOS protocol and stay on the progesterone for three straight months, through bleeding or should I stop and try to create some kind of cycle. I am thinking all this means things are improving, so I cant complain. I was also wondering about our estrogen during menses like this, if they should be very long and heavy, do we need estrogen for a few days or ohhhh no, we don't? and never will due to dominance. Coincidentally, I was reading on another site the authors views of estrogen dominance, I cant quote it, however she said some of the most fertile populations in a study done way back eat a large amount of phytoestrogens a day, and because of this it kept the undesired estrogens unable to attach themselves to the estrogen receptors. I thought, wow now that's one I haven't read yet. Curious to know what some of the women on this site think? I'm sure there were variables and and environmental, prescriptions etc was not a pressing issue yet, as it is today.

Aug 26, 2014
My 1st cycle came today, cant remember the last, I can use a little guidance
by: Joy

Hi Chloe

2 1/2 weeks is no where near enough time for progesterone to work. It can take anything from 2 - 6 months, possibly longer depending on how severe symptoms are. I feel that you would benefit by using 200mg, possibly more until things start to improve. Use the cream every day with no stopping until a regular cycle starts, once this happens you can use the cream by follow your cycle. Ignore any spotting, bleeding, clotting that may occur. How to use Progesterone Cream will help you. Stress destroys progesterone, so more is needed to help one cope during stressful times. It is also important to use a cream that has the correct progesterone concentration.

If you have PCOS you probably need to use the cream for longer than 3 months.

At 42 you are most probably in Peri-Menopause too, it's a difficult time for most women, but it need not be. Monthly periods become very erratic but you have not had a cycle for sometime. Have you read the Menstrual Cycle page and have you been informed on Estrogen Dominance?

Hope this helps.

Aug 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

Yes, it his helps a lot to know I am still using the cream correctly. I will return to using the 200mg dose as well. I am using Life Flo's Progesta Care. When I was convinced I could probably benefit from progesterone cream, I couldn't get it in my hands fast enough. No, I did not notice the menstrual cycle page, I wish I had. The estrogen dominance page I am aware of and it's a great page too! I just realized I am having trouble navigating the site. Some emails would say you have a response, click here to review the response, but it would only see the ones I had left. I just clicked on a different link on the email contents and it took me to your response. Glad, I did!

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