Mislead by the too low recommended dose..

by Lisa

I too read the books by Dr Lee and became confused when I used the recommended 20 mg twice a day and started to feel better and then hot flashes came back, I had confusing spotting, and had no idea that meant I needed I would stop and start again many times. I recently tried flax meal for the phytoestrogen effect and the hot flashes stopped at first but came back with a vengeance and my weight absolutely ballooned. I'm now starting Pro-Gest again with approx. 350 mg twice a day as my symptoms are severe and then will try to slowly taper to find my optimal dose. My only worry is I don't want to run out, I feel like I'm going to need a case of it but if I can feel like I did when I was pregnant--glowing skin, shiny hair, no facial hair, happy mood, it will be well worth it!

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Nov 13, 2014
Read The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Michael E. Platt, M.D.
by: Suzanna Hamilton

Hi Lisa,

While Dr. Lee's books are good, the recommended dosage is way off. I believe this is due to when Dr. Lee did his research. So much has changed within our environment as well as what we are putting in and on our bodies.

You need to read, The Miracle of Bio-Identical Hormones by Dr. Platt. This is by far the best book I have read on hormones and I have read a few including a couple of Dr. Lee's.

I'm currently following Dr. Platt's recommended hormone/vitamin dosages via my hormone doctor here in Dallas. I have found Dr. Platt is spot on with his recommendations. I use 200-250 mg of bio-identical progesterone cream daily (100 mg morning, 50 mg afternoon, and 100 mg evening). I also continue this dosage when my period arrives. I've tried going without the cream during my period and have learned my body needs it the entire time.

One other thing you may find to be off is your thyroid. I learned my thyroid was off. I'm now taking 60 mg daily of Armour Thyroid as well as 5000 IU's of Vitamin D3 daily. I honestly did not think I had a thyroid problem because I'm 5'9", weigh 140 lbs., run 4 miles every other day and eat organic fruits and vegetables as well as grass fed beef.

The key to finding out what your hormones are truly doing is to find a doctor who really knows hormones. There are so many doctors that now say they specialize in hormones; however, they have very little knowledge in that area. One of the best resources is the website Suzanne Sommers supports - This will help you find a hormone doctor in your area.

Don't give up!

Dec 30, 2019
by: Anonymous

I've just started on progest after reading dr Lees book which is really helpful. I use emerita at a dosage of 60mg a day for endometriosis.

I also have coronary artery spasm along with anxiety which it seems to be helping. I put myself on the cream after coming across an article by dr Norththurp that said the cream can help with perimenopause angina.. my question is, emerita is a 2percent cream natpro is a 3.33 percent cream, so do I still use the recommended dosage of no less than 100mg? As I'm aware that anything less is exasperating the estrogen symptoms.

Thanks gemma

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