Migraines and heavy periods

by JR


I just turned 52 years old and still have a menstrual cycle every 26-28 days. I am using Emerita Phytoestrogen Cream (20mg) and Emerita Progesterone Cream(40mg) for the following symptoms:

Migraines towards the end of my period (days 3-5)
Heavy menstrual bleeding with clots
Menstrual cramping
Dry skin/heels
Hair loss
Heart Palpitations

I feel myself ovulate around Day 11-14 (during the last year), however, I'm not sure why I still have heavy menstrual bleeding. My questions are:

1. Should I use progesterone cream through my period? (Shouldn't there be a break so all of the lining is shed?)
2. Are the migraines during menstruation due to low estrogen?
3. How much progesterone should I use daily? Inoticed that I get really warm and drowsy if I use more than 60mg.



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