mid cylce brown discharge after weaning?

I have three daughters ages 6, 4 and 2. I breastfed all until 2.5 and recently weaned. In all, I breast-fed for 6 years straight. I am three months removed from breastfeeding and each cycle I have noticed mid-cycle brown discharge. I thought this was ovulation but this month I spotted on day 10? My last two periods were 45 days apart. Before I weaned I had pretty regular periods, about 34-36 days in length and would often notice brownish discharge when i knew i was ovulating and this didn't concern me much. I had my first period at 11 and have never had painful cycles. i miscarried at age 22 and had my three daughters at ages 26, 28, and 30. I had what was considered low progesterone at all of my first checkups with each pregnancy. My ideal weight for my height and body type is 160ish. I'm now 190:/, size 12. I can't say I've been very disciplined with an exercise routine or strict healthy eating, although I do eat mostly organic and limit processed and sugary foods. I share that because I don't know if my own laziness that is the cause for the weight gain or hormonal issues, or both. I drink too much caffeine to get my through the day(black organic coffee). I'm starting to jump to worst-case scenerio with this mid-cycle bleeding concern. Anyone have any wisdom to share, or personal experiences? It would be greatly appreciated!

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