Menopause And Your Life After That

by Angela Madison

“I thought my life had ended when I had a TAH & BSO done before I reached menopause. I was only 40 years and due to risk of ovarian cancer and since I had completed my family, my gynecologist had my entire reproductive system removed leaving me with no ovaries for protection. It made me feel like an alien! I had been married for over 20 years and here I was without what a woman should have.

For so many years I felt feminine and now I felt something was missing. My relationship with my husband began to strain and I was feeling out of sorts and just couldn’t express what I felt. I started taking hrt and then heard about the dangers it poses for women like me.

I was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do. I was gaining weight had lost the good figure I once had and it was then that I found out that I don’t have to take hrt just because my doctor wanted me to.

I had the choice of taking hormone replacement but natural products and with no side effects like breast cancer. No sooner did I start following simple instructions passed down from my mother did I feel change come over me. Many friends have asked for my advice and the combination of years of research, helping others and my own struggles created this guide. This guide has been reviewed and has had input from countless friends and experts who all experienced the same struggles you are enduring now. More than anything my goal is to help people like you enjoy life to its fullest during the menopausal years and come out the other side beautiful and strong.

After making some simple diet changes...

I felt like a new person. Even my sex life got better although I had lost libido after the surgery. Things changed so much that I now lead a normal life, enjoy my life much more than I ever have and the relationship between my husband and me has changed so much that we have become very close. Natural hormone products are the best and what I would suggest that every woman who is in menopause or peri-menopause needs to take. You will never regret it.

I feel better than I used to be and if i didn't take this step probably my married life would have ended up in a divorce”

I was experiencing...

It was written for you because I care about what is going on with women who are closing in on menopause, are medically or surgically thrown into menopause even while you are reading this. We have your interest at heart so we have listed out how you can improve the “quality of your life, eliminate weight gain, and all the other symptoms that are driving you crazy” now wouldn’t you wish all your ailments were sorted out instead of having the feeling that you had to take each part of your body to a doctor? If You Are Then You Are In Perimenopause Or Menopause!

“I was in my late 30’s when I started experiencing irregular periods, spotting and lack of interest in everything. I also found that closer to the time of my period, I would experience either a less or more than natural flow. Sometimes I would not get my periods and they were irregular.

Once it stopped for a whole three months and I thought I was pregnant but the test results were negative. I had no interest as I used to in sex because it hurt when I had intercourse.

Previously, my husband and I enjoyed ourselves so much and lovemaking was something that I used to look forward to because it was so pleasurable. I loved my husband very much and mine was a late marriage.

Here I was visualizing how good my marriage would be and imagined myself in my old age, holding hands and strolling along parks like in the movies and the magazines.

When I couldn’t handle what I was feeling, I thought of confiding in my best friend and told her the symptoms I was going through. My husband was terribly upset at the way I was behaving.

I knew that this was not me but I couldn’t do anything about it. My best friend suggested that we see a doctor and that maybe I was coming into menopause. She was right. My Gynecologist detected a whole load of problems and out came my entire reproductive system! It was then that the real nightmares started. Hot flushes that lasted for long periods specially in the nights, bloating, headaches, joint pains, gum problems. I had severe migraine headaches most of the time. Besides that I was on HRT. I was so overweight that I couldn’t wear the clothes that I used to wear. When I discussed this with my friends they introduced me to herbal products. I stopped HRT because I had heard of the dangers like breast cancer. After around a month or so I did feel the difference. I was beginning to feel a whole lot better and my libido had come back! I felt a lot more sexually motivated towards my husband and he was shocked at the turnaround point in my life. I exercised regularly and my weight reduced so much that I could have got into the clothes I had put aside because I was overweight!

My life is on the right track, my husband is a happy man again, and I feel I have got my life back contrary to what people say. I do know that herbal products work”

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Nov 03, 2010
Menopause And Your Life After That
by: Wray

Hi Angela Thanks for sharing your story. If you should come across others who are advised to have a hyst, please send them to this web site by Dr West for more info on hysterectomies. He doesn't advise them, and suggests alternate solutions. We do have a page on Menopause you might like to read through. Take care Wray

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