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(Petaluma, CA)

I am 48 and my periods have become very irregular over the past year. I've only had a few light periods in the last 9 months or so.

I started bleeding lightly about 5 weeks ago and it wouldn't stop. So I started using Progesterone cream to help stop the bleeding. (I used to use Vit A and that always worked but not anymore). Anyway, the more cream I use, the heavier I bleed. Now I'm bleeding heavily and I just want it to stop! No cramps or mood swings. The progesterone seems to be helping with a few other things :: namely my hair stopped falling out (whew) and I'm sleeping a bit better.

I keep reading to use more more more until symptoms respond but I just keep bleeding more more more.

I'm using Emerita @ 20mg/1/4 tsp. This morning I put a huge amount on, like 2 tsp. I barely had enough skin surface area on my body to rub it all in!

Guess what? Still bleeding!! uhg. I feel so helpless..

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Oct 13, 2014
Melody Ann
by: Wray

Hi Melody Ann Although you appear to be using a great deal of cream, you're only getting 160mg/day progesterone. We've found 400mg/day is often needed to stop bleeding, Please see our page on Menstruation for more info. There's a protocol on the page which we've found assists the progesterone, you might consider taking the supplements. Take care Wray

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