Many health problems and endometriosis - continuation

by Veronika
(Czech Republic)

Hi Wray,
again - I´m sorry for my English...

I have a terrible time with Natpro. I´m using about 1500 Natpro/day for 3 weeks and my endo-pain is absolutely unbearable, I´m so tired that I must sleep all day, I´m sweating all the time and I have all the symptoms of estrogen dominance. I have had blood hormone test done and I´m shocked! My Estradiol is 3565 pmol - before Natpro it was only about 100. Progestrone is only 1,1 ! I´m absolutely disappointed and I´m afraid to use Natpro further.
Can you please advise me what to do? Should I use Natpro, wait and hope that it will be better in the next weeks/months? I´m afraid (because of the pain and blood test) that my endometriosis got much worse that it was before Natpro. And I´m afraid of cancer because I have a precancerosis on my cervix. I can´t go to work because of the endo-pain and fatigue... and the high doses of Napro are very costly for me. I will continue to use Natpro when you tell me that this reaction is normal and that I must wait and see. But I´m very sad about the results so far.

P.S. I´m taking all the antioxidants you mentioned, in high doses (in fact, I use them for several years), vitamin D in high dose (and I´m sunbathing every day), I also take Calcium D-Glucarate, DIM and so on. But nothing has helped...

I greatly appreciate your advise. Thank you in advance.


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Aug 11, 2013
Many health problems and endometriosis - continuation
by: Wray

Hi Veronika Your English is very good! I'm so sorry you're struggling, endo is a terrible condition. I have answered you on this page here. You might like to read these two comments from women who are also struggling too, see here and here. Please let me know your vitamin D level, and how much you're taking. And the dose of the NAC and taurine too. Take care Wray

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