Male trying to see if Progesterone will help

by Tom


I am a thyroid patient and am on about 125 T4. I have recently had my adrenal hormones tested and cholesterol. Here are the results:

cholesterol 4.1 (0-5.2 nmol/l)
Triglycerides 0.56 (less than 2.26 nmol/l)
HDL 1.7 (higher than 1 nmol/l for males)
LDL 2.1 (2.5- 4.5 nmol/l)

Adrenal results:

1) 22.2 (12-22) nmol/l
2) 11 (5-9)
3) 4.7 (3-7)
4) 2.2 (1-3)

Total daily cortisol = 40.1 (21-40)

DHEA am = 0.26 (0.3-1) nmol/l
DHEA pm = 0.23 (0.3-1)

DHEA:cortisol raio = 0.61 (1-4)

It says i am at resistance stage 3, pre exhaustion.

Now i feel ok, but i do have days when i am tired. I thought i may try progesterone and see if this helps to bring up the DHEA because currently my body is stealing the DHEA to make more cortisol.

I was aiming to take 10mcg of progesterone cream per day.

I am also concerned about the effect the progesterone will have on the thyroid area. I understand it will improve this function. So would i reduce the T4 medication a bit when i started on the progesterone ?


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Mar 28, 2015
progesterone and thyroid meds
by: chris

Hi I just happened upon your question. I don't have answers for all your questions. but just wanted to say I take dessicated thyroid for my hypothyroidism and I also use progesterone cream (im a woman) so using approx 100-200mg for half my cycle. Anyway getting to the point. I doubt you will need to change your thyroid med dose. I haven't needed to. I would just look out for any signs of over stimulation of thyroid, such as a shakes or quivers in your hands, finding it harder to sleep, sweating more, feeling anxious. And then you might like to get a blood test to see if it actually is over stimulating would need to get FT3 and FT4 bloods done to access this and they would have to be over the upper end of the range. Regardless I really doubt you will see any over stimulation. I have just got my ex husband to start using a little progesterone too and he is seeing some positive results. He reckons increased libido and a little more energy. I think he has quite bad adrenal burn out. Anyway hope that helps. Progesterone has been a life saver for me -been using it for 15yrs :)

Mar 28, 2015
by: Tom

Thanks for the info.

I have reduced down the T4 to 100 and take 5mcg T3 instead. I am feeling good so far and dont have any adverse effects from the progesterone. I am using it every other day at about 10mcg per go. I am trying to use half a squirt of the normal amount of cream on each application.

Some people reckon men shouldnt be using the prog cream, but it seems to work so far.

does the website owner have a comment about this ?

Mar 30, 2015
by: Wray

Hi Tom I'm always in favour of men using progesterone cream, not least because of it's protective properties. No one can escape the effects of the oestrogen mimics now, see Our Stolen Future. for more info. I don't believe you are using enough, principally because the men writing in to the site have used more, see here and here. And because I've noticed with women that they need far more than the 'normal' amount to achieve stability. Please note cortisol is not made from DHEA, but only from progesterone. In fact DHEA only follows the male route, forming the male hormones androstenediol and androstenedione, which in turn form either testosterone or oestrone (oestrogen), see the Genova Diagnostics chart. I would suggest you have a Vitamin D test done. A lack of this impacts the thyroid adversely, a lack reduces the benefits of progesterone, and finally a lack lowers testosterone levels, see here and here. Your tiredness could be from Insulin Resistance, low progesterone and vitamin D cause it too, D-ribose can help, see here. Avoid all grains or anything that contains sugar/fructose, as these can cause tiredness too, see here. Take care Wray

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