Low Progesterone and low Estrogen

by Sarah ByBee

I have been diagnoised with PCOS. I have low levels of estrogen, I took a saliva test and my rating for the amount of estrogen I produce is 1.1 and I think the norm is 1.3-3.3. So what can I do to make my estrogen levels in range? I do not know if I am insulin resistant.

The test also showed my progestrone levels EXTREMELY low! How do I make my progestrone levels in range and how do I know if they are or aren't?

The test also showed that my cortisol was low too. My testostrone was very HIGH! I do not have regular periods at all, I have gone a whole year with 2 or 3 periods.

My questions are:
1. how do I produce progestrone and estrogen levels to a normal range?
2. How do I knock down my testostrone levels?
3. How to I balance my cortisol levels?
4. How long does it take until everything gets balanced? Can it ever be balanced?
5. Will I always have cysts on my ovaries? Will I always have side affects like: irregular periods, weight gain even though I'm not over weight but I have gained weight, excessive hair growth everywhere, fatigue.
6. Lastly, I take Adderall because I'm ADD and I was wondering if my medication has any negative effect against my hormones? Is it ok to take Adderall while taking other stuff like: progestrone creams etc. Will it affect me trying to balance my hormones in anyway?

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Dec 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

i have been diagnosed with low estrogen and progestone levels i have hair everywhere is there
something i can do to help myself?

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