losing weight

by lauren
(rhode island)

I stopped taking progesterone almost a year ago. I had very bad side effects due to rising oestrogen and just couldn't deal with what was happening to me. I gained almost 30 lbs. in 3 months, which is INSANE.

Can someone tell me how I can lose this weight? or when it will happen?
I have been eating clean and exercising for months and seeing zero results.

Going from a size 10 to a 14 has ruined my self esteem.

I'm just looking for answers to how I can get this weight off.

I'm not interested in starting the cream again, just an fyi.

Any input it appreciated.

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Nov 25, 2016
by: Muphie

I still take Natpro and yes it's taken a while about 4 years for me to come out the other side but my weight has come off. Hard work of course but going through the menopause isn't easy.

I cut out big Carbs and Processed foods. Eat no later than 6.30 and I exercise a litttle every day. I don't over eat so watch portion sizes. I was to a size 10 then a 14 so I know what it's like. Your body will come back just not as quick as you'd like.

Wray and her team are fab and I wouldn't be like I am now without there advice. I am in a brilliant place now .

Don't get down, stay positive you will come through it.
Hugs ..

Nov 25, 2016
DIM & Calcium-D-Glucarate
by: jayem

hi - research DIM & C-D-G (they are companion supplements) as well as get a FULL thyroid panel...DIM & CDG won't take you to the gym, but it will help you dump excess estrogens/xeno estrogens - same thing w/natural thyroid supplements, if that ends up being the issue (often xeno estrogen will bog the thyroid down - so it ends up being a double edge sword w/weight gain)

Word of caution -CDG clears ALL steroid hormones, meaning if you go hard w it for too long you may strip the good stuff too ... it was recommended to "go hard" for 6 months, and then re assess (we aren't robots, and everyone's different)

I left previous comments on this site in more detail

Best of luck !!

Nov 28, 2016
by: Lauren

I recently had a full thyroid panel done be an endochronologist and of course, all my labs came back "normal", and so did my hormone levels. HOW?????

When the doc told me this, I laughed in his face. There's nothing "normal" about gaining 30lbs in less than a year. I'm not at all ok with it. This guy was such a jerk and didn't want to hear anything about my holistic doctor. He also threw a weight loss drug at me, Saxenda, and while I'm so tempted to use this, I just can't do it. I've been taking a natural path so long.

I'm 34 years old, so I'm not menopausal. There is no way in hell anyone could pay me to continue using progesterone cream and gain more weight. it's not worth it to me at all. My plan is to slim down to my normal weight so I can eventually get pregnant. I cannot conceive at this weight, It is so unhealthy.

I've tried everything. CDG., DIM, THYTROPHIN, a whole slew of supplements, and yet still here I am.

The depression I'm feeling because of this is life-altering.

Right now I'm attmepting low carb, small portions. I have never in my entire life had to lose this much weight, ever.

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