Liz UK - 2 week cycles on 500mg of Progesterone

by Liz
(UK )

Hi Wray,

I understand nothing can correct cycles once they start going erratic and I lose little to no blood. Only I would notice by examining tissue paper carefully when I go to the loo.

BUT I am having a period with all of the PMS symptoms every 2 weeks now for many months.

Sore breasts, insomnia, anxiety, depression and then I get the tiny bit of blood and I am all good for another 10 days and then the 3 or 4 days of PMS starts all over

I am 46 (just) and had assumed periods would start to miss rather than get closer together.. I would give anything to miss some months instead of having 2 every month.

What is going on in my body that could bring the periods so close together?

Just curious.

Many Thanks :)

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Jan 17, 2015
Liz UK - 2 week cycles on 500mg of Progesterone
by: Wray

Hi Liz This is exactly what happened to me too. I'd have intervals of 2 weeks with periods of very little blood, followed by another of flooding. Then a 3 month stretch with nothing, only to have flooding again, followed by 2 week intervals. Admittedly this was in my last year aged 50. I had no way of knowing when I would get a period if any, as my 'PMS' symptoms seemed to flow from one week into the next. I wish I could help you, but it's safe to say you are going through your own unique brand of Peri-menopause, just as each one of us does! Take care Wray

Jan 17, 2015
two week periods
by: Susie

Hi Liz, this has been happening to me too since being on the same dose. My periods were regular before I started using progesterone, though I'm getting close to menopause.

You could try increasing your dose. That's what I did and it stopped the two week thang.

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