Life after YAZ birth Control Pill

by Amy

I am 25yrs old and took YAZ, under the recommendation of my OB/GYN to decrease the activity of my ovaries and thus increase my chances of conception if I took them for a year and then stopped and tried to conceive.

I was on YAZ for 7 days and was extremely nauseated, and deveoloped "ocular migraine" symptoms, so I stopped on the 9th day. After stopping, I still had very annoying symptoms: panic attacks, insomnia, nervousness, visual disturbances (in my tear film, according to an opthamologist).

I had my hormones tested by a hormone specialist and my progesterone was 0. It was a random test, not timed with my cycle. I was started on bio-identical Progesterone 125mg capsules. My symptoms went away, no more insomnia, or nervous belly feeling, still have the tear film disturbance, but it doesn't cause major issues.

On progesterone for 4 months and then went back to my OBGYN and she said just stop them and see how you feel. I feel very bad! Insomnia, nervous, etc. I have only been off for 3 weeks. I am restarting them tonite under what I feel is a safe assumption that I NEED them.

Questions: Will I always need them? Is this safe? Am I the youngest person to ever be on them? Can I get pregnant while being on them safely? Have you heard of any stories like mine? Thanks!

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Feb 16, 2008
Life after YAZ
by: Wray

Dear Amy, Yes I have heard of stories like this. OC's have many serious side affects, you only have to read the insert (if it's been left in the packet!) or go on the web, which I did for YAZ. It's the OC Yasmin, under a different name. Taking any synthetic hormone is not safe, it's not worth the risk. They suppress ovulation, which is how they prevent conception. But by doing so they prevent the body from making progesterone, hence your extremely low level of 0. It's no wonder you felt awful. Why do they want to suppress the activity of your ovaries, do you have PCO? Progesterone is a vital hormone, it activates the GABA receptor sites in the brain. GABA is our major calming neurotransmitter, with that inactive you would suffer panic attacks and nervousness. Progesterone also raises serotonin levels, from which melatonin our sleep hormone is made. With low serotonin levels you would have insomnia. The cream is the most user friendly of all the ways progesterone can be given. Oral is generally a waste of time as 90% is destroyed as it passes through the gut and the liver and the dose has to be high which causes drowsiness, injections are painful, buccal drops or pills are very bitter and suppositories are not my idea of fun!

The cream can be applied anywhere, in the vagina or nose for dryness, on piles, painful or achy areas, the best thing for burns, wonderful on the face etc.

All the successful studies done on progesterone use between 100mg to 200mg per day. This equates to 3ml to 6ml of Natpro per day. Some go as high as 400-600mg/day, one going as high as 1200mg/day as it was the oral variety.

The cream is best applied twice a day, to keep levels up.
To answer the remainder of your questions, no you will not always need progesterone once the body is making it's own again. It's very safe, they are even using it via IV transfusions for brain trauma victims, 70% of which are men! No you are not the youngest to use progesterone, my daughter started using the cream when she was 14. And we have used it successfully for babies with sleep problems, calms them down. It is also given to newborns in hospital if they have respiratory distress syndrome. Finally you can fall pregnant (and use it during pregnancy), provided you follow your cycle. If used before ovulation it prevents this from occurring, but unlike the OC's, you are supplying the progesterone you need so there are no adverse symptoms, only good! Hope this helps! Take care Wray

Feb 16, 2008
Thanks Wray
by: Amy

Wray, You are so wonderful, thank you so much for your words of wisdom and advice. I am going to see a natural practitioner in a week that also suggested the cream instead of the pills I am on. She also let me know that the blood test is not accurate and she is going to do a saliva test to see where I am at. Thanks again Wray, your site is so very helpful.

Feb 17, 2008
by: Wray

Thanks Amy! Let me know how you get on and if there are any other questions please come back to me. You might prefer to use the contact us button, the first one. Take care Wray

Oct 12, 2009
Yaz Side Effects
by: Anonymous

The birth control pill Yaz has been linked to life-threatening side effects such as strokes, blood clots and heart attacks. Since 2004, at least 50 deaths have been reported in women taking Yaz and contraceptives made with similar ingredients.

There is more information on this disturbing problem here.

Oct 25, 2009
Yaz Side Effects
by: Wray

Many thanks for this link, the more like this, the better informed we'll all be. Take care, Wray

Feb 06, 2010
Thanks for the insomina and heartburn, YAZ
by: Anonymous

Yaz was a nightmare. Always had thoughts of death, felt anxious, more emotional than I've ever been in my life, started having major heartburn problems (never even knew what heartburn was before), felt like I couldn't get a deep enough breath in, tingling on my face, and waking up at 3am every night. I saw all the symptoms others were having so I stopped Yaz and got on Ortho Lo. All of the symptoms I had except for the heartburn and waking up early are gone. I'm now taking Ambien to sleep, which helps. I occassionally get heartburn from stress. But, at least most of the symptoms are gone. :/

Jun 10, 2010
Yaz and down syndrome
by: Anonymous

I want to know if there is any link between Yaz and Down Syndrome? I took Yaz for 2 months I went to my ob/gyn to get more and told him I had been feeling very sick he did a pregnancy test and I was pegnant. My son was born Nov. 29th, 2008. He was diagnosed with Downs before he was born at his first check up with the docter he was sent to the hospital with respitory distress hanging onto life, every time the weather changes I get scared and wonder what is going to happen this time. My little guy is on so much medicine it might as well be his food. I want to know if there is anyone else out there going through the same thing and if you were taking Yaz at the time of conception?

Jun 11, 2010
Yaz and down syndrome
by: W

There is no direct evidence to date that it can cause Down's syndrome, but Yaz does cause platelets to aggregate which results in thicker blood to the point where clots can form. Thicker blood would result in less nutrients getting to the foetus where it's needed. But Down's syndrome is a genetic problem, and I have no idea if the Yaz could cause a gene to become damaged. To find out more you could contact this web site. For the adverse side affects please have a look at this web site here. Take care, Wray

Aug 14, 2010
Yaz and trying to conceive
by: Anonymous

I was on Yaz for 2 months, I discontinued it to try and get pregnant again. I gained 10 lbs instantly and had other side effects. I waited 3 months to start trying to conceive. It has now been 6 months since I stopped taking Yaz, my period is still slightly irregular and I don't think I am ovulating! I usually can tell when I ovulate. I have 4 children, I only had to try one month for all of them... Now I have had to try 3 months and nothing. Has anyone has this issue with Yaz? I am only 33 so age shouldn't be a factor now with trying to conceive.

Aug 17, 2010
Yaz and trying to conceive
by: Wray

Hi there Birth control can upset us badly, please see this web page we have on Contraceptives. When stopping the BC, the ovaries which had been suppressed, start working again. Initially they make oestrogen and testosterone, it can take many cycles for ovulation to begin again. The excess oestrogen you are making, with no progesterone to counter it, causes the weight gain. Oestrogen is a mitogen, stimulating cells to divide and multiply, including fat cells. It also causes water retention, which adds to the weight and bloated feeling. Progesterone should help your ovaries, it's certainly worth a try. It will suppress the excess oestrogen and testosterone, it could be you have high LH too, which prevents ovulation. For more info please see How to use progesterone cream. I generally recommend between 100-200mg/day, dependant on symptoms. It is trial and error too, finding out the amount which suits. Take care Wray

Feb 03, 2012
used Yaz for 2 years
by: Anonymous

I suppose it's possible some women have bad reactions to Yaz, as with any other medication. However, other than that initial start-up when I do feel I'm getting used to the medication, I've had no trouble with Yaz. I would wonder if your side effects were Yaz-related, of if you might have some other condition. It's worth seeing a doctor - and if your current doctor isn't being helpful, try another for a second opinion.

May 13, 2013
my daughter used yaz for 3 years
by: Heather

my daughter used yaz for 3 years and stopped over a year ago and has not had a period. during her last year on yaz she starting having migraines and fainting spells anxiety bad, weight loss doctors could not figure what was going on we are still going thru tests due to no period for over a year very frustrated ....

May 18, 2013
my daughter used yaz for 3 years
by: Wray

Hi Heather All Contraceptives have the potential to harm, so I'm pleased she's stopping taking the yaz. They stop or slow down ovarian function, which means she was not ovulating and making progesterone. But once she stopped the pill the ovaries can start up again. They first secrete testosterone and oestrogen, it can be many months later that ovulation begins again. If testosterone, oestrogen, LH and FSH are too high, it will prevent ovulation occurring. She could consider using progesterone, we have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. We have found that it can get the cycle going again. Take care Wray

Mar 22, 2015
Yaz and No Side Effects
by: Newbie

Sorry, I just dontundsand i have not not had any of these side effects at all. Plus when I stopped taking my pill. I conceived my daughter in two weeks. I don't know, maybe I'm weird.

Oct 11, 2017
Yaz and my first Migraine!
by: Anonymous

Please stop telling woman to "keep taking" these pills just because you do not have symptoms. I am 29 years old and just switched to Yaz. Prior to taking Yaz, I had no health problems and I am on no medication. After two weeks on Yaz, I started to feel off. I chalked it up to getting adjusted to a new pill. Until suddenly, while I was shopping, I saw flashing lights and became completely disoriented. I shielded my eyes but there was still a huge stripe of blinding light over my right eye, even when closed. I dropped my items and stumbled outside, having almost no vision in my right eye. It was frightening. It was then followed by a one sided pulsating headache that lasted 2 days. I never get heachaches! Even my nurse told me not to worry and keep taking this pill. NO! Why? Our bodies were not made to take in all these chemicals, so the least heath care providers can do is be honest about the fact that medications do present risks, and that sometimes they just do not work for people.

I feel guilty that I keep stopping everything the doctor puts me on, but WHY is it common practice to watch each other suffer due to a synthetic material? I am hoping that I never get another Ocular Migraine. My father started getting them in his 50s, so I am probably prone to it. But to be 29 and pretty healthy, there is no way this is a coincidence.

Has anyone else experienced this? Did it go away after stopping Yaz?

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