Lichen Sclerosis and peri-menopause

by Wendy

Hi Wray, I contacted you a few days ago. I have Lichen Sclerosis. I am also going through peri-menopause. I am sure I have estrogen dominance. One of the things that I read about LS is: that your vulva estrogen receptors are damaged.

After reseaching and coming across a natural way to treat LS.... I drink red clover tea with alfalfa and hops in it, and also use a cream with the ingredients in it. When I begin my natpro should I stop drinking this tea? I also take some supplements that have the red clover, black cohosh, etc, in them...should I keep taking these?

I know that the red clover etc. is supposed to be some kind of estrogen..and I know you are not supposed to take oestrogen when taking Natpro. Some people on a LS support group didn't think too much of Progesterone therapy... Some of them based their opinions from being on the pill, or a study that used Progesterone on LS women.In the studies the women's vulva cells acutally closed more from the progesterone therapy.......but I am assuming that these "progesterones" were both synthetic, and their assumptions are misguided.

Another thing I want to mention is: I am so pleased to read a quote from Linus Pauling!! I am a fan of his. Orthomolecular Medicine makes total sense!! I take a few supplements from a Natural Nutition Store that bases their products on Linus Pauling's research. After taking some of their supplements my thyroid function improved and my high cholesterol is no more! I am a firm believer in Orthomolecular Medicine! I can hardly wait to try Natpro...I know it will help me with peri-menopause, and I'm hoping it will help my LS. PS...I take 5000IU-7000IU of Vit D per day. Thank you for your healthy natural progesterone.

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Nov 17, 2011
Lichen Sclerosis and peri-menopause
by: Wray

Hi Wendy Yes I remember answering you about LS. And one thing is apparent more women get it when in menopause, peri-men would be just as likely too, makes you think doesn't it! And I'm all in favour of herbs, but all those you mention have oestrogenic properties. This is the reason they work, it's the paradox again, the oestrogen they release, although small, is enough to stimulate progesterone, hence the benefits. But because they are oestrogenic, I do advise avoiding them if oestrogen is already high. I think you are correct about the 'progesterone' the women were taking, and if it was progesterone, probably the very low amount of 20-40mg/day normally recommended. Too many times have I seen this fail, it really does help if a high amount is used initially. Ah I'm so pleased you're a fan of Linus Pauling, one of the great minds in medicine!I subscribe to the OM newsletter as it's so full of good sound sense. I'm delighted you're taking that much D, you might consider taking more. I did mention in my previous reply that 10,000iu's is a better dose, particularly as the calcitriol reversed the LS. And do try adding the D to a cream and applying it to the area affected. It would be so wonderful if you could beat the LS, using only natural things, do keep in touch. Take care Wray

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