Hello Wray

I wonder if you could help me to work out how much and how often I should use the Progesterone cream?

I am 49 yrs old and have had irregular periods for 2-3 years now. (Sometimes 6 or 9 weeks gap and sometimes 3 weeks but often they are around 30 days or so.)

I have the usual mid-life symptoms (bad memory at times, weight gain, headaches, disturbed sleep patterns etc.)

I used the cream for a couple of weeks and to be honest I'm sure I felt better, more energetic. Then I stopped just before my period was due but it didn't arrive and now I don't know when to start using the cream again or if I should stop at all!

I was using 1/8 teaspoon(14mg)twice daily although, according to what I read on your site, this is a pretty low dose. (It's not Natpro as I have only just discovered your site but I will definitely change when I have used this current jar!)

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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May 05, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Karen You are now in the final stages of Peri-menopause when cycles do become very erratic. So there's no point in trying to follow them, I suggest you use it daily from now on. The progesterone can't regulate them again as the ovaries have a mind of their own, but it can ease the symptoms which accompany this phase. I don't believe the 18mg/day is giving you sufficient. Although you felt some relief from using this amount, I've found Oestrogen Dominance can kick in. Although I usually recommend 100-200mg/day, it is trial and error for each woman to find the amount that suits. Often more is required. The early days can be very bumpy too. We do have a page on headaches and Migraines. Progesterone does help, and with sleep too. Vitamin D is also an important factor, please check your levels. Too low can cause migraines, weight gain and sleep problems too, see here and here. And here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. A lack of vitamin D affects the benefits of progesterone. There's more in on our page How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

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