Karen Robertson

by Karen Robertson
(Scotland, United Kingdom)

Hi Wray. Not terribly sure whether to post another set of questions to you as I am very aware you are taking time out for recovery. I do hope you are improving.

I was keen to let you know how, three months on, using Progesterone cream continually (400mg daily), has relieved me of my low blood sugar (38 years of Hypos), hot flushes, all but gone, blurred vision completely gone and the shivers and dull ache in kidney area/lower back pain have improved by at least 50/60%. Also my energy had come back after approx 2 months of Progetwerone Cream.

BUT, unfortunately, I have noticed the past week my energy has gone right back down coupled with low mood/irritability and very noticable weakness/ lack of strength in my leg and arm muscles.

Interestingly I thought I may need estrogen so applied a very small dose for two days and lo and behold, my shivers and kidney pain appeared once again so clearly I don't need any more estrogen! Proof in the pudding, we don't need anymore Estrogen.

Wray, I am wondering if I need to increase my Progesterone dose even further. Perhaps up to 500mg or even 600mg as I am convinced the muscle weakness and low energy and low mood is down to not quite enough Progesterone. Clearly all other symptoms have abaited with 400mg Prog cream.

I really hope you can guide me with this.

SO SO grateful for all your help thus far. Your website and everyones comments on it have been an enormous help for which I am most grateful. There is no-one else to turn to.

Thank you

Karen Robertson
(Fife, Scotland UK)

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Feb 16, 2014
Karen Robertson
by: Joy

Hi Karen

As Wray is on sabbatical she will not be replying to any emails are posts until her return.

So pleased to hear that your symptoms improved greatly on 400mg progesterone per day. It usually takes 2 to 6 months before positive signs are felt. What some people do not take into account is stress, it destroys progesterone AND vitamin D, they both need to be increased during stressful times. Have you been unusually stressed lately?

I am a firm believer of listening to one's body, and in your case it is telling you that you need to increase progesterone. There is no doctor on this planet who can tell me how I feel, except myself. I live by that and act accordingly. The return of some of your symptoms is telling you something. It is not up to me to advise how much to use, that would be up to you to experiment. Find the amount that will help you and then once you feel stable again, you can slowly reduce the cream to a level that suits you. My son recently got married, the stress levels where huge, without even thinking twice I increased my progesterone and vitamin D and was able to cope very well.

You are so correct, estrogen is not the way to go, you have proved that yourself now. No women needs to take extra.

Hope this helps you Karen.

Feb 17, 2014
Increasing dosage
by: Karen Robertson

Thank you very much for replying. It was most kind of you to email back so quickly and I am VERY appreciative. I do hope Dr Wray is making progress.

I will up my dose of Progesterone cream and experiment which is what my gut feeling was telling me initially. Daft really, it just makes that transition of doing so more reassuring hearing it from someone who has the experience in this area.

I cannot thank you both enough for your time and guidance. I am interested to know if you do have many people with intolerance to cold (I know cold hands and feet is quite common, I'v had cold hands and feet from birth!)and shivers and aches in the lower back kidney area and that Progesterone does indeed relieve them of these particular symptoms? I have relief myself using the Progesterone cream but am very interested to know if many others have these symptoms? I was unable to find any thing in relation on your forums/website?

With many many thanks to you both. We are jolly lucky to have you guys with this website and forum. You appear to be 'it' in this area and I would have been totally left to it myself if I hadn't have found you. Incredibly grateful.

With kindest regards

Karen Robertson

Feb 20, 2014
ProgesteroneVaginal gel?
by: Karen Robertson

Dear Joy

I do hope you don't mind me bothering you again. I've just spent an afternoon ploughing through research trying to find the answer to my question which is: Is vaginal Progesterone Gel (Crinone gel(8%)) as effective as rubbing on Natpro? I ask as I'm having an awful problem affording large amounts of cream for both my son and myself and don't think I can get a prescription here in the UK for Bioidentical cream. (I'm having to use in excess of 550mg to keep symptoms just about at bay)It looks to me that the gel is successful in the Uterus but not for anywhere else in the body. You do say Gel is successful here on this websiste but is this in conjunction with fertility and the Uterus mainly?

Also in research the gel doesn't appear to affect metabolic rate ie blood glucose/insulin. This is one of the main reasons why I need Progesterone cream! I need it to bring down the insulin adn raise blood glucose! Also, would the vaginal gel (8%) match the success of reducing hot flashes like the cream does?

Its quite incredible but there really is no one else to bounce any of these questions off. SOOO grateful for your guidance with this.

Many many thanks

Karen Robertson
(Scotland, UK)

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