Just prescribed progesterone bc

by Jessi
(Houston, TX, USA)

I am 32 and have 4 boys, 13, 10, 6 and I just had my 4th son 8 months ago, I've been weaning him off the breast because he is eating more baby food and got teeth early and sometimes a biter with those 2 teeth on bottom and the 4 teeth coming in on top all at once, it doesn't feel too good.

For the past month and a half I have been bleeding a bunch with huge blood clots constantly nonstop! I will say it all started when I was breastfeeding less. I just recently went to the Dr and she prescribed a regular bc, but went to planned parenthood for a second opinion and they out me on just a progesterone bc I get frequent headaches. I am worried it may be something else, but they think my hormones are out of whack... I haven't taken bc in maybe 11 yrs and my periods have always been on time, normal-light lasting 3-4 sometimes 5 days. Is the bleeding normal for some women? Will this Progesterone pill work? what other benefits will I get from this? I did just start the pill so I will update on my progress.

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Oct 09, 2010
Just prescribed progesterone bc
by: Wray

Hi Jessi The BC pill you've been prescribed is not progesterone, but a progestin. All progestins come with adverse side effects, some we are not aware of, please see our page on Contraceptives. The one thing they do is reduce progesterone levels, which is not what you need, please see here. Progesterone is excellent for heavy bleeding. Oestrogen is a mitogen, it stimulates cells to grow. Vital in stimulating the endometrium each month to grow and thicken ready for a possible fertilised egg. But in excess it stimulates cells to continue growing. MMP?s are enzymes that break down protein. They play a role in the breakdown of endometrial tissues at the end of the menstrual cycle. If they are over active, as would be the case with excess oestrogen in the body, as oestrogen stimulates their production, the result is a pathological reaction. A high level of MMP?s can lead to inflammation and excessive bleeding in the uterus. If a low level of progesterone is present, and a high level of oestrogen, the lining will continue to grow. With a high level of MMP?s the lining will also continue to break down. Progesterone suppresses both MMP?s and oestrogen, please see here. If you should consider using progesterone instead, please see this page on How to use progesterone. But please read this page before you do on Oestrogen Dominance. Progesterone is excellent for headaches too, but not the progestins, please see here, here and here. Take care Wray

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