Just a few questions

by Susan
(Perth, Australia)

Hi Wray, I've read quite a bit on your site and feel ready to 'tackle' the progesterone cream with an increase of up to 100mg.

I was using the Wellsprings Serenity Progesterone Cream but decreased the amount when my symptoms of hot flashes and iritation subsided. However I am now experiencing mild menopausal symptoms again. I am 47 and believe I haven't been using enough Prog Cream as I have been experiencing discomfort like bloating, swollen feet, hands and my forearms feel 'tight' and 'fat'. I've always been a small frame but since coming into this stage of my life I've upsized a dress size and when I began using the Serenity cream I put on 3kg in 1 week. I exercise often and eat fairly healthily except for some rubbish eating here and there. I am quite health conscience and have noticed my legs, stomach, butt and waist have got celulite which I've never had before.

Sorry for the long saga. Now to the questions.

Is progesterone cream okay to use on my nearly 12 y.o. son as he has some tiny bumps (not pimples) on the back of his neck? Would the cream help to rid of this. Also does your cream contain wild yam or soys bean as I've just ordered your product as I don't seem to be getting satisfactory assistance with the Wellsprings Team. I've heard that the wild yam isn't natural.

I'm hoping that I will lose some weight and get back to my old self again soon.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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May 04, 2011
Just a few questions
by: Wray

Hi Susan I'm glad the info on our site has helped you decide to increase the amount you're currently using. Knowing the cream, it's probably only 20mg/day. I've found amounts this low merely exacerbate Oestrogen Dominance. The rapid weight gain was caused by water retention. Progesterone is such an excellent diuretic, it's now given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims. Oestrogen also stimulates fat cells to divide and multiply too, which would account for the increase in dress size. Please experiment with the amount, there's no hard and fast rule about how much to use, when to use it or where to apply it. You might find the 100mg/day insufficient, certainly initially. But please make sure you read the oestrogen dominance page, as this can occur when increasing the amount. Progesterone is as safe for men and boys as it is for women and girls. In fact the TBI victims I mentioned above get about 1200mg/day and over 70% are men. It's certainly worth trying on him, but I feel he's probably short of zinc. There's more zinc in sperm than any other part of our bodies, a lack of this is often the cause of spots and acne too. He's now in the beginning stages of puberty when levels of testosterone start increasing. Unfortunately testosterone is implicated in skin breakouts, acne and oily skin too. Progesterone will help to control any excess testosterone, without affecting his libido. If in fact he has any yet! We do have a page on Acne, not that he has it, but it explains the background of it's potential occurrence. We now use a yam based progesterone. So many women thought that if it came from soy, it contained soy. It matters not where the plant sterol comes from, the end result is progesterone. Wild yam creams contain the plant sterol, usually diosgenin, the body cannot convert this into progesterone. Cholesterol and only cholesterol is the starting point of all our steroids, be it progesterone, cortisol, testosterone, oestrogen, aldosterone etc. Although you live in sunny Perth, the Australian policy of covering up when in the sun is doing much damage. Low vitamin D levels are being found, see here and here. This is such a vital nutrient, not least for the skin, please have a blood test done on him. For more info see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. Incidentally a lack is implicated in weight gain, maybe you could have a test too. Take care Wray

May 10, 2011
Just a few questions
by: Susan

Hi again Wray

Thanks for your response to my question. I am still confused with your answer though about the wild does natpro contain it and is it natural. Also is wild yam the same as yam? I'm finding this all very new and by the way I am still waiting for my natpro to arrive. It has been 10 days now and I've run out completely of the serenity cream. I'm beginning to have hot flashes again although milder compared to what I was experiencing. I feel really weak again and really down as I have alot of stress in my life at the moment which are circumstances out of my control. Hopefully I will get the cream this week. I am also not sure how to contact the tracking as I am not up with the web browsing and keep forgetting which one I clicked on etc.

Thanks again for your help. Feeling desperate.

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