Just a couple of questions

by Casey

Hi Wray, I just have a couple of questions...

First, I was wondering if I could store NatPro in the freezer without affecting the progesterone? I have a prescription for Natural Progesterone Cream and use NatPro if I need a little extra so I don't use it very fast. I noticed it smells rancid sometimes so I thought storing it in the freezer might help the oils not go rancid.

Second, I was wondering how you transition to Natural Progesterone cream from taking Premarin. I am hoping my Mom will switch but I wasn't sure how to tell her to go about switching. I'm not even sure she will but I'm trying.

Oh... make that 3 questions... I am not getting the newsletters. I have signed at different time but never seem to get them. This time when I signed up, I didn't get the email acknowledgement in my Inbox even. Do you know if there is a setting or something I need to change?

Thanks so much.

note from webmaster: sorry Kay, we have a policy not to publish email addresses as it attracts spam. If you subscribed to the newsletter please be patient. Wray doesn't send them too frequently as she is very active in answering questions submitted here in the website. If you did the progesterone deficiency questionnaire you should have received a series of messages serving as an intro to progesterone therapy

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Oct 25, 2011
News Letters
by: Anoosha

I would suggest you check your spam folder..

Oct 27, 2011
Just a couple of questions
by: Wray

Hi Casey It doesn't harm any of the ingredients to freeze the cream. But I'm puzzled and dismayed you say it smells rancid, as the oil itself is very stable, and actually doesn't need an antioxidant. Please could you give me the batch number and exp date, and I'll take it up with the lab. We do have a page on how to make the transition from HRT to progesterone. Although it's safe to go cold turkey, it's far gentler to do it slowly. Our page Coming off HRT explains how. I would hope the HRT page will persuade her to do so, it's not worth the risks, particularly now she's older. Take care Wray

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