by Jennifer

I have read the website extensively and it is extremely helpful. Truly Fantastic! The most helpful advice and knowledge I have found among visiting many doctors. Thank you. As I have read, I do have a question to clarify daily usage or on day 14 of cycle. I am a 41 year old woman with estrogen dominance. My cycle is consistent with every a 25 day period every month. I experience an abundance of the daily debilitating symptoms listed for estrogen dominance. Dr. started me on 20 mg of Progesterone, I would feel extremely ill and stop. After reading the info on the website, I am wondering if I am using it correctly and started using 80 mg daily non-stop through periods. My periods continued to come every 24-25 days. (I have been using 80mg of progesterone for 2 months now) However I am still experiencing symptoms of headaches and extreme exhaustion, amongst others. I am following the protocol on supplements and diet you have mentioned. Fantastic advice -

I am confused if I should be using more progesterone - by what I have read I am, by age in peri-menopause and experiencing symptoms of high estrogen dominance, and if I understand the articles correctly I should be using the progesterone daily, yet I have a normal period and this it what brings me confusion - if I should be stopping during my period and resuming the use of progesterone on day 14 of cycle. I feel the worst right before my period starts and then continually for 2 weeks after.

Would you mind clarifying - as I am so so tired during the day and still experiencing mild to extreme headaches depending on what day of cycle I am on. I am thinking I might need to start more progesterone, yet worry that I am taking it during days 1-14 of cycle.

Thank you kindly,

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Oct 12, 2016
by: Joy

Hi Jennifer

I am a little confused to be honest. You posted this exact same question on my own website, Progesterone Info, to which I replied via email. Did you perhaps get the two websites mixed up and have you received my email? If not, please check your inbox.

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