by Jen
(Omaha, NE)

I accidentally swallowed my vaginal progesterone suppository -- I was taking a handful of other pills and had gotten the vaginal pill out to take after I was finished with my oral....but down it went!

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Feb 02, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Jen I couldn't help but laugh at this! The vaginal pill is basically the same as the oral pill, unless you swallowed a suppository?! Or maybe it was one of the fizzy vaginal pills? So you won't have any ill affects, although it could make you a bit sleepy. Oral progesterone is the least effective Delivery system. It won't hurt to use another on the same day, but in the vagina, not the mouth! Take care Wray

Sep 03, 2015
Swallowed my suppository accidentally
by: Anonymous


I did exactly the same.i have to take 1 x 200 mg Cyclogest twice a day either vaginal/rectum. The dr said either is fine and this morning I accidentally swallowed it with all my other pills.
Could it cause harm? should i insert another one just in case?

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