Is Tryptophan safe for pregnancy?

by Rebecca
(Weyers Cave, VA)

Hi Wray, you replied to my recent blog, "Can I take progesterone during pregnancy?" and recommended Tryptophan (along with Natpro) for my 1st trimester insomnia.

Thank you for your wisdom, insight, and advice! I currently see a group of midwives that work under an OB and only do hospital births. They told me that they do NOT recommend anything natural (including Tryptophan) during pregnancy because of not knowing exactly what is in it. That's disappointing since one reason I went with midwives was because I wanted to do things naturally! Anyway, would you say that it is still safe for pregnancy though?


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Aug 20, 2010
Is Tryptophan safe for pregnancy?
by: Wray

Hi Rebecca Strange not recommending anything natural, being slightly facetious, does that include food too?! That comes laden with pesticides unless organic, our drinking water is polluted with oestrogen mimics which are not removed, and our air is contaminated too. So yes we should be careful of what we eat, drink and breathe! If the tryp comes from a reputable source I think you could trust it. Alternatively you could eat copious quantities of game, as that contains the highest level of tryp, and avoid veggies as those have little to none. Not a diet I would recommend! But I do know where they might be coming from. In 1989 tryp was implicated in an outbreak of eosinophilia myalgia syndrome due to contamination of the tryp. Prior to this it had been used safely for years, and since it's release back on the market, safely too. There is no evidence at all that it was the tryp, but the contaminant that caused the EMS. Eric R. Braverman, M.D. goes into this aspect in detail in his excellent book 'The Healing Nutrients Within'. Plus a great deal more on the benefits of tryp, well worth reading. There are a number of good companies who distribute tryp, so if you find the progesterone doesn't help sufficiently, I see no reason not to try it. But please follow the advice I gave on the link about using it, and start off with a low dose. Take care Wray

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