Is there Soy as an ingredient?

by Kerri

Dear Wray, I am allergic to any Soy Products. Is Soy used as a plant ingredient in Natpro?

I am interested in knowing if I am figuring out the total amount of Progesterone in a tube of Natpro. You say there is 33.3 mg in a 60 gram tube. So, is there 1998 mg in a 2oz. tube?

Thank you for your website. Sincerely, Kerri.

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May 09, 2011
Is there Soy as an ingredient?
by: Wray

Hi Kerri Thanks for the kind words about the site. We used to use soy as the plant substrate, but with the confusion arising around soy, we changed to yam. It actually matters not which plant is used, as the end result in all cases is progesterone. Cholesterol is the starting point for the steroid hormones made naturally in animals, including humans. But it's expensive to use for the manufacture of progesterone, so plant sterols are used instead. Plants such as the soy bean, Dioscorea species of yams, fenugreek, sisal, calabar bean, some lilies, yucca, some solanum species, maize and many more contain phytosterols. Some of which are stigmasterol, diosgenin, beta-sitosterol, campesterol, hecogenin, sarsasapogenin, solasodine. As these plant sterols have a similar molecular structure to cholesterol, they are used as starting points for the synthesis of progesterone. Your calculations are correct, there is actually 2000.4mg in the tube, as we use 33.34mg/g when making it. It's less confusing to say 33.3mg/g, than 33.34mg! Take care Wray

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