Is Progesterone USP from Soy the cream i should be buying??

by Clare

Please can someone advise me? I want to purchase a Progesterone cream, but as I live in France I want to order it from the UK. I've found one from Source Naturals which says it is natural progesteron USP from soy. Is this the same as the "Natpro" cream for sale on this site, in which the ingr├ędients states "progesterone Ph. Eur. USP. JP."?

Please could someone clear this up for me so that I can go ahead and buy the cream as soon as possible. Many thanks, Clare

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Nov 24, 2017
by: Justine

Hello Clare

Natpro progesterone cream can be ordered online and shipped to wherever you are.

Please see this page for information about Natpro, natural progesterone cream and also how to order it.

Warm wishes

Sep 25, 2021
Source Naturals vs Natpro
by: Heather M

I've just finished the SN brand in the pot. It's 88 mg USP per tsp. It's not organic and has too many oils in it and doesn't end up dry to the touch. I used 200 mg a day, so had to smear on a lot of it, while putting the heater on waiting for it to dry (but it never felt dry).
Now using Natpro. It's higher concentration, organic, a lot less ingredients, and the only oil is vitamin E, but you wouldn't know it contains any as it's dry to the touch in seconds. SO much better!

Sep 27, 2021
Source Naturals vs Natpro
by: Joy

Hi Heather M

Many thanks for your feedback. I am delighted that you are happy using Natpro. It really is the best progesterone cream! Vitamin E is not the only oil in Natpro though. It also contains MCT Oil (caprylic/capric triglyceride).

Take care.

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