Irregular periods

by Kenty

I am 29 years old and Rwandan by nationality. Since when I started menstruation periods at the age of 19 years I have irregular periods up to now.

My Doctor put me on hormonal test and finally found out that FSH, LH, Estrogen and Prolactin are normal but the level of Progesterone was very low. The Doctor put me on Duphaston medicine. Since when I started taking the medicine I have these effects: breast tenderness or enlargement, changes in sex drive, fluid retention.

Will this solve the problem of PCO that I have and irregularity in periods? Should I go back to the Doctor for check up?

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Sep 29, 2010
Irregular periods
by: Wray

Hi Kenty I'm surprised your LH was normal if you have PCO, as it's generally higher than normal. Duphaston is not natural progesterone, which is what I believe you need. Progesterone increases libido, and it certainly doesn't cause fluid retention. In fact it's such a good diuretic it's now given via IV transfusion to brain trauma victims to prevent oedema. If you should consider using it, please see our page on PCOS. The most critical test you should have done is one for vitamin D, this is often behind PCO. It's also critical you avoid all starchy/sweet carbs, as these cause blood glucose to rise. There is more info on this on the PCO web page I've given above. Take care Wray

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