I'd like to try progesterone cream

by M Ellis
(Lex Ky)

I'm 39 years old and in good health. I have 3 children. I miscarried once. I had horrible nausea and vomiting with all pregnancies. I took Ortho Novum 777 for 9 years prior to having any children. I do not take any forms of medication except multi vitamins, fish oil and have just started acai berry supplements. I have been doing cardio and strength training everyday for the past two months with no visible signs of weight loss. I would like to loose about 25- 30 pounds.

My chief complaint is my periods have become irregular. This has been going on for over a year. They used to last 12 days (usually 2 heavy days with the rest light spotting). They then would start again at day 21 or 22. This has gotten better in that it lasts about seven days coming about 23 days apart. However, the spotting has started again, usually a couple days after my period stops.

My other symptoms include dry eyes (on restasis), anxiety, occasional heart palpitations, headaches, constipation, irritability, mood swings, breast tenderness. I've been to the family doctor and gynecologist who both say it's hormones but neither one offered to take blood samples. My eye doctor suggested I try progesterone cream. I purchased a GNC brand and have not used it as of yet. In reading the information on your site I would assume I'm in peri-menopause. Should I get tested for low progesterone before I start using it?

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Jan 27, 2009
I have some of what you are getting
by: sherry

I read what you said. I am a lot older then you, but when I was in my 40s my eyes were so dry that at night if I woke in the middle, like 3 in the morning, I had to open them, and keep blinking it was so bad.

I went to an eye doctor and he said its your hormones. I had a test done and I was in what you are now. I started taking all the right stuff like fish oils, all the right things, but it didn't help my eyes or bad headaches. Now I am 53 and started getting a racing heart, in the middle of the night. This scared me to death. I called 911 and had all the heart tests done, which you should, just to make sure. Everything was fine so I started reading about what I really could do.

I have had no period for two years, so I know it's menopause. I am now on the progesterone, from a doctor. Its safe and I go to a place where the drugstore makes it up, a compounding place. I am in Toronto. I have a real nice place now, they have someone sit with you and talk to you about everything you want to know. So first tell your doctor you want to try this. I have heard more good things and I am starting to feel better. If you are in Toronto I can give you the number of the compounding drugstore I go to, he is great. If you are not in Toronto, just click on the city you are in and click on compounding drugstore. Hope this helps, but be strong when talking to your doctor, some don't really care all the stuff we are going through. Sherry.

Jan 29, 2009
I'd like to try progesterone cream
by: Wray

Hi M. You could be going into peri-menopause, it starts anywhere from 5-10 years before menopause, the average age of which is 51. The symptoms you've described certainly fit those experienced in peri-menopause. You could get tests done if you wish, but they will merely tell you the level of your hormones, they can't tell how you're feeling! I always prefer to go by symptoms, but if you feel a need for tests rather have a saliva test, they are more accurate. ZRT Laboratory is good:
Hormone Hotline: +1 503 466 9166

Progesterone is very calming, as it activates the GABA receptor sites. GABA is our most calming neurotransmitter, so it helps with anxiety etc. You could try the amino acid taurine for the heart palpitations, taurine is vital for the heart and is another very calming amino.

Although Sherry mentioned she took omega 3 fish oil for the dry eyes, something I recommend too, it could be she wasn't using enough. At least 5ml/day is needed, and please add flax oil to your diet too, between 15-60ml/day. As your cycle is now becoming erratic, you can safely use the cream daily, even during bleeding. It can disrupt our cycle used like this, but as yours is already erratic it won't affect you very much. Take care Wray

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