I have been expiriencing mild cramping and spotting

I just found out this past Monday that I am 6 weeks pregnant at the Fertility Clinic I've been going to. They did an ultrasound that day and I could see the baby's heartbeat. They also ran blood tests to make sure my progesterone levels were good and the doctor said the results came back perfect. A day after I had the ultrasound, I began to spot(it was brown in color). I called my doctor and she said it was probably old blood and not to worry.She also prescribed me progesterone suppositories to take to be on the safe side. I am on my second day of taking the progesterone and
I'm experiencing very light cramping and I am worried that there is something wrong. I am also spotting but the pills are a brownish color, so I'm not sure if I am spotting or if it's from the coating of the pill.

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