I Can't Stop Bleeding

by Jamileh
(Denver CO USA)

Hi Wray. Before I ask my question, I must attest to the fact that Natpro saved my life. I do want to tell my story of success so far but I would like some help regarding some bleeding issues I have had this past month. I started taking 200mg of progesterone cream about 5 weeks ago. The first few days I felt fantastic, then the estrogen dominant symptoms hit. I felt worse than I ever had so I decided to double my dose to 400mg then to 500mg since I was having fullness and sensitivity in my breasts, extreme fatigue, muscle fatigue and brain fog and depression among a myriad of other symptoms.
I initially got my period, although very late after starting the progesterone and it was very heavy and lasted almost 10 days. Then it stopped for about a week and once again I started bleeding heavily. I searched this sight and you recommended to others with heavy bleeding to take the following regimene: NAC, Vitamin K2, Taurine and at least 400mg of progesterone cream. This made the bleeding lighter but it still lasted a week. I finished two days ago and now I am bleeding again. Not heavy yet and I am not sure if it will become heavy. Here is a list of the supplements I am taking. Let me know if I need to tweak anything or add to it.

Natpro Progesterone Cream: 500 mg/day
Prenatal Vitamin with DHA: 1/day
DIM: 400 mg/day
NAC: 2000 mg/day
Vitamin K2: 100mcg/day
Taurine: 2000 mg/day
Vitamin D3: 10,000mcg/day
Calcium d Glucarate: 1500 mg/day
Biotin: 10,000 mcg/day
Aspirin: 1/day
Methly B12: 5000 mcg/day
Zinc: 50 mg/day
Magnesium: 250 mg/day
Echinacea: 760 mg/day

Thanks for your help.

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Nov 24, 2015
I Can't Stop Bleeding
by: Wray

Hi Jamileh Hi Jamileh This is such good news, thanks for sharing it! The protocol we have to help heavy and/or continual bleeding can be found on our page about Menstruation. Although vitamin K2 is very important, I've not heard it can help or stop heavy bleeding, so that is not part of the protocol. I must look into this as vitamin K2 does help us to clot, so one would expect it to help. What we do recommend is 2000mg/day NAC, 2000mg/day taurine, 5000-10,000iu vitamin D and 1000mg/day bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids have been found to strengthen capillaries. They appear to be weakened in heavy and/or continual bleeding or spotting. I suggest you double your magnesium dose, 250mg/day is quite low. I'm not sure why you are taking the aspirin, is your blood prone to clotting? In which case both the vitamin D and the progesterone helps prevent this. Although you don't give your age, I'm guessing you must be in Peri-menopause, with the erratic heavy bleeding. Hopefully it will sort itself out soon, but does require patience in many cases. Take care Wray

Nov 24, 2015
I'm a Success
by: Jamileh

Hi Wray. Thank you for your quick response. I am 40 years old and yes, I am in perimenopause. I am taking aspirin for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). I was diagnosed with Afib in March of this year after a heart episode which landed me in the ER. Three years previous to this episode I had a heart episode which also landed me in the ER. That was diagnosed as Supra Ventricular Tachycardia (SVT). I had an ablation for the SVT and had no problems since. The heart episode earlier this year came as a complete surprise. I was told by my cardiologist to take an adult aspirin daily to prevent clotting in the heart. I suspect however all my heart palpitations and heart issues are caused by estrogen dominance.
In my comments above, I said to you that progesterone saved my life!! I mean that. Here's my story......
Since I hit puberty I quickly got overweight and only got heavier as the years went on. Both my parents have Diabetes and of course that was always a concern for me and my siblings. During my teenage years I suffered from cystic acne, Hirutism, continual weight gain, cravings for carbohydrates. In my early 20's I lost a good amount of weight but it didn't help with acne and the hair. But of course all that weight came back plus more. After that I got married and went on birth control pill for 10 years. I was on the one that was supposed to help with acne. It did help with that. We wanted children and I stopped taking the pill. It took a good 6 months to conceive my son at 35. I had a bad pregnancy. I was very sick all the time and I developed gestational diabetes which culminated in using insulin to control it. I was also under close watch for preclampsia. Two weeks before I was due, they performed a somewhat emergency c-section due to my sky rocketing blood pressure. 14 months later I conceived my daughter and once again had another bad pregnancy and gestational diabetes. I was on insulin for the duration of my pregnancy and had another c-section.
After all this time my weight had finally skyrocketed to 280 pounds at a height of 5' 3". I was not doing well physically or mentally. I somehow though dodged the bullet in developing diabetes. Eight months after the birth of my daughter I had my SVT episode. That scared me a lot, even though the doctor said it was a condition I was born with that manifests itself in women in their late 30's. In my mind it was time I did something about my very unhealthy weight and lifestyle. So I pursued a zero carb diet, meaning I only ate fat and meat and eggs. My weight dropped very fast. I got addicted to the loss and combined zero carb with low calorie to keep the weight flying off. In about 18 months I had lost about 150 pounds.
After this, I noticed that no matter how little I ate and how much I stuck with my diet I kept gaining weight around the middle, very easily. I started having a lot of bloating, my hair was falling out in clumps. I was an emotional wreck. I lost my periods for about 1 year. When I did finally get them back, I had such severe PMS that I couldn't move from how depressed and blue I felt. My mind was very foggy. I had such rage. I didn't want to be near anyone, even my children. I really thought I was going crazy. I also had such intense cravings for sugar, which even when I was obese I didn't crave sugar very much. Over the course of a year my symptoms kept getting worse. I could no longer get out of bed, I was so lethargic and my body ached. I had a lot of heart palpitations. My breasts got fuller and fuller and very sensitive. I even had fluid leaking out of them. Since the birth of my daughter, we have been wanting another child and of course I wasn't getting a period for a long time. When I did I thought I would be able to conceive. When I finally tested I found out I wasn't ovulating. I also had severe cystic acne. Up until 5 weeks ago I was a complete mess.
I initially did a search online for the reason why my breasts were continuously getting larger and fuller. I eventually came across the term estrogen dominance and taking progesterone cream to help alleviate symptoms. I had read about Dr Lee and his recommendation for taking 40 mg a day of progesterone cream. I was all ready to order my cream and begin taking that amount. Thankfully I came across the progesterone therapy site. I am telling you, God was guiding me in every way to find this place. I read all I could on this site and I went out and bought some Emerita Progest, while I waited for my order of Natpro. I started immediately on 200mg, not the 20 or 40mg that everyone says to take. I cannot thank you enough for helping all of us women and men in guiding us into taking the correct high dose of progesterone cream along with important supplements, especially vitamin D3.
I felt immediate relief of my symptoms. The calming effect was so dramatic, I just wanted to bathe in it. Although I do still have a few issue with estrogen dominance, most of my symptoms have been alleviated.
My acne has gone. My face is very clear. My hair is no longer oily and stringy. My mind is completely clear. My anxiety is all gone. My heart palpitations are gone, this is especially important with Afib. The heaviness in my chest is gone and I have clear breathing. I have had asthma since I was a child, clear breathing is a Godsend. I have had no issues with allergies or asthma. I have no more muscle fatigue. I have no more fatigue. I literally bounce out of bed.....never in my life ever have I bounced out of bed. I hate mornings!! I have the ability to complete lots of tasks very efficiently and quickly. I have the desire to clean my house and keep on top of it rather than let it get out of control. I used to get anxiety over something as simple as trying a new recipe, now I just do it with ease. I know that sounds silly but my life was basically on halt from my deep anxiety and fear. Instead of being squishy all over, I have hard muscles in my arms,legs and buttocks. I have not done a single workout. I can work all day and night and never feel tired. I spent three, 14 hour days at Disneyland in the heat, walking, standing, playing without feeling tired. My sugar cravings are completely gone. My raging hunger is gone. I could never ever feel satisfied and now that has all but diminished. I am social again, I have been hiding from the world. I didn't want to see anyone. Not only am I already a success story (and I'm not completely better yet) but so are my sisters, my mother and my husband! I got them all on Natpro. My sisters and mother live in Australia and have made large orders.
Although I still persist with estrogen dominance now and then I have a new life, a new outlook and I am a new woman.
Thank you Wray and everyone who is out there truly helping people with the correct and real information.
I'm going now to buy my bioflavonoids!!

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