I Apologize If This Is A Silly Question

by Beansprout

When it comes to Vitamin D3 is best to take the full 5,000 - 10,000 IU daily recommendation all at once either in the morning or the evening or is it best to divide the dosage throughout the day. I currently have 2,000 mg gel caps on hand an take 5 of them daily. One here, one there, slow-dosing myself throughout the day. But now I'm wondering if doing so is helping or possibly hindering progesterone from doing it's job. Just curious to hear your thoughts.

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Aug 14, 2013
I Apologize If This Is A Silly Question
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout No it's not silly. If you look at how we evolved, naked and in the sun most of the day, we obtained Vitamin D all day. It's easier for most people to take it once off each day, than to spread it out. So it's up to you. I've done another page on Topical vitamin D which explains it's benefits for the skin. And other benefits about being in the sun besides vitamin D. Take care Wray

Aug 15, 2013
by: Beansprout

Thank you! I happen to love being out in the sunshine. Just not this year. Mostly due to the fact that my body has been experiencing its own personal heat. Like I'm carrying around my very own summer contained in my upper torso. I'm sure when the lights go out at night you can see a warm amber light radiating through the bed covers. My husband told me recently that there is a certain glow about me. I told him he had no idea. Then he went on to say he's always loved how I can walk in and light up almost any room. I told him that was before menopause. Now instead of lighting up the room I ignite the curtains into an inferno. But no worries! I have enough sweat to douse the flames.

P.S. I'll be sure to give you my numbers.


Aug 17, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout I love your phrase "I ignite the curtains into an inferno"!! Don't I know how you feel, thank god it's over! Take care Wray

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