How to define luteal phase


Hello! I am charting my BBT and I am on the fence as to whether I may have a luteal phase deficiency, or whether I'm normal. I have 11 days of high temperatures, then two days of decreasing temperatures (but still above my coverline) before beginning menstruation.

So, do I have an 11 day luteal phase (just the high temps), or a 13 day which is the time between the jump in temperature at ovulation and my menstruation? I menstruate on the 14th day after my temperatures rise. On that day my temps drop all the way back down again.

Thank you so much if you can clarify this for me!

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Jan 30, 2010
How to define luteal phase
by: Wray

The luteal phase is normally between 12-14 days, although I err on the side of caution and chose the 14 day when advising women. This gives the endometrium enough time to build up ready to receive a fertilised egg. So yours looks fine, the temp should start dropping two to three days before a period, an indication progesterone is dropping. If you had started spotting at the first sign of temp drop, ie day 11, then your progesterone would have been too low to sustain the lining. This is critical when trying to fall pregnant. But as your period came on day 14 when it should, all looks good to me! Take care, Wray

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