How long does it take a progesterone injection to work?

by Sandra

I was late for my period for two and a half months and my doctor gave me 4 progesterone injections two for each day. However, I had to have 2 penicilllin injections the day after the progesterone injections.

It's been eight days since my first progesterone injection and my period hasn't started yet. I am extremely worried about my condition please tell me how long it is natural for the injections to work.

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Oct 22, 2010
How long does it take a progesterone injection to work?
by: Wray

Hi Sandra I'm not sure what progesterone injection he gave, as it could have been a synthetic progestin. This is commonly given, or the pills. There is something upsetting your ovaries, this is often caused by oxidative stress. Behind this is often a lack of vitamin D, please have a test done. For more info please see the Vitamin D council website. As I don't know your age, your stress levels, or the food you eat, it's difficult for me to give further advice. I take it he checked for PCOS? Please have a look through this page and see if there are any other symptoms you might have. Progesterone can help regulate a cycle, but it can't be used as a once off. For more info please see our page on How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Jun 18, 2014
How long do i ve to wait for my period to come after taling progesterone injection?
by: Lucy

I had miscarriage 1st of April. 1week after, the doctor said I must do evaquation which I did on the 14th of April. I was suppose to see my period in May it didn't come so went back to my doctor and he examined me and said my pelvis is closed due to the effect of the evaquation. I was given progesterone injection 150ml on the 9th of june uptil now my period has not come. How do I ve to wait?

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