How does one get 200 or high mg in Natpro?

by Anna
(New York)

If the cream is 33mg per dose, how do women get 200 or higher dose of Natpro? Do you sell one with 200mg per dose? Or do you have to buy several bottles?

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Jun 20, 2013
More than one dose in each tube! :-)
by: Verleen

Hi, Anna!

There's 2,000mgs in each tube of NatPro, so you'd just measure it out by teaspoon and partial teaspoon to equal 200mgs.

Jun 22, 2013
how long does 1 tube last
by: Anonymous

Can you just confirm then before I purchase...that 1 tube lasts about 10 days if you are using 200 mg. a day...guess that is obvious but just checking. Thanks.

Jun 23, 2013
How does one get 200 or high mg in Natpro?
by: Wray

Hi Anna Women use more cream to get 200mg/day. There are 33.3mg/ml of cream, which means 200mg needs 6ml. So you are right 1 tube would last 10 days if using 200mg/day. there's a chart at the end of our page on How to use progesterone cream. Take care Wray

Jul 07, 2013
What if you need 1000mg?
by: Anna

You say often on these posts, that women should take 200, 400 and up to 1000mg to get the best relief of symptoms. So wouldn't it make more sense to sell a higher dose product that you can use less of for lower doses if needed. it seems to me that if we should all be using at least 200mg of cream and it runs out in 10 days, it's maybe better to get a compounded cream at the higher dose?

Jul 08, 2013
One last question....
by: Anna

I went to the link for progesterone dosing. It seems from that link and much of what I've read here, it's recommended to take at least 200mg a day for mild symptoms, and estrogen dominance, and 400mg of higher for worse symptoms.

I'm sort of confused that since you sell this product, you say you need more, yet there is only 33mg per dose in a bottle. You would run out in 10 days if you take the 200mg recommended and have to buy more.

I'm wondering if all this is valid information for most women that you recommend these doses, or is it that you are trying to make more money by women needing to buy more bottles of the product?

I've done the reading and understand the benefits of progesterone, but 200mg cream seems excessive even for mild symptoms and estrogen dominance.

My current doctor wants me on 50mg of cream only per day with one week off. I have also been on 100 and 200mg last year with a different doctor, and felt no different, like a placebo effect.

I may stay with 50mg for now, but it's compounded and I wondered about your product. But then I'd need to buy more, and that is more expensive than getting a jar of the right dose compounded through my local pharmacy.

Jul 12, 2013
What if you need 1000mg?
by: Wray

Hi Anna I'm happy for you to use any progesterone cream, you don't have to get ours, I'm not forcing you to! Just as I'm not forcing anyone to buy our cream, the decision is theirs. You forget that this site is for men too, they only need in the region of 10-100mg/day, sometimes more. If we made a stronger cream it would be impossible for them to measure it out. So the 3.3% is a compromise. Besides not all women need the high amounts, only those with severe symptoms, and then it's only for a few weeks or months until symptoms subside. Take care Wray

Aug 17, 2017
Natpro- not happy
by: Anonymous

I just ordered 3 tubes Natpro. I have barely started using it and I'm already regretting the purchase. Not only does it not have dosage instructions. It would be important information to have, don't you think?! How much progesterone is in one pump?! It doesn't even say on the little leaflet.
It is also pretty weak. I would go through 2 bottles a week to get up to my dose.
I'm going back to my tried and tested Ona's progesterone cream, where you get 100 mcg per pump.

Aug 21, 2017
Natpro - not happy
by: Joy

I am sorry to hear that you are not happy but if you read the order page it clearly advises exactly how much one full pump of Natpro delivers - 50mg/1.5ml. It is virtually impossible listing everything about progesterone on the leaflet provided, that is why it advises you to visit the website for further information. Once there, use the search bar to ask any question that you would like to know.

Take care.

How to use Progesterone Cream

Estrogen Dominance

Sep 01, 2021
by: Heather

To Anonymous, So you bought Natpro without reading this website? it says Natpro is 50 mg per pump. Ona does make different strengths. One is 100 mg per pump, not mcg.

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