How do you get rid of the toxins?

by CJ

I have recently found out that I have little to NO progesterone and I am only 26! My "Dr." seems to think that it is due to enviromental toxins as from an early age (I had tests done around 13 years old) I had the same progesterone results.

With that said what are some of the best ways to detox and get those toxins out of the body? I am starting progesterone therapy and also changing alot of my lifestyle as we want to have kids in the next few years and I know it will be alot harder to do so with this difficiency?!

Thanks so much! This website has been a wonderful tool in helping me to understand it more!

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Dec 31, 2010
How do you get rid of the toxins?
by: Wray

Hi CJ Thanks for the kind words! There is no question we are all full of toxins, there is also no question that oestrogen is rising, as most of the chemicals we're exposed to mimic oestrogen. Excess oestrogen disrupts the ovarian cycle, in particular suppressing progesterone. Back in 1975 they found evidence that DDT caused poly cystic ovaries in both animals and humans, see here. PCOS is on the increase, as are many female related problems. Please see the website Our Stolen Future. Also our page on Endocrine Disruption. As for detoxing, there are so many systems and methods you would have to find one you are happy with. But very briefly go organic as much as possible. Yes it appears more costly, but in the long run it's far cheaper. Organic food is giving the nutrients you need, and there are no pesticide/herbicide residues. The same applies to organic skin care. Please read all labels and become aware of what they mean. The best site for this is Skin Deep, and the EWG home page. You might like to read our page on Nutrition too. Raw food and/or raw veggie juices is an excellent way to detox, but it does take some getting used to! The amino acid N-acetyl cysteine chelates heavy metals, in particular mercury, see here. If interested in having children, please read our page on Pregnancy. Before falling pregnant please consider the following nutrients, all vital for a growing foetus, vitamin D, see here, here, here and here. Taurine, see here, here and here. And omega 3, see here. Take care Wray

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