How can I make the transition?

by Nathalie

I had 10 years ago a myomectomy. Since that day I took cyproterone acetate during ten years for acne and for fibrom. And at the age of 40 I 've decided to stop taking drugs. I've cleaned my liver with herbs took omega 3 GLA vitamines D and A eating veg no alcohol no milk...
One year after acne comeback louder. Now I'm taking cyproterone acetate with oestrogens since less than 2 mouth because of the severe acne. I had to take a contraception only for acne!
I want to stop the contraception and take natural progesterone . How can I make the transition?( I'm making 3 weeks on pill and 1 week free).
Please help me

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Jan 06, 2015
by: Diane

Hi there~
Being that you have a history of fibroids of the uterus, it's most likely you are estrogen dominant. Why would you be on estrogen? There is no weaning off birth control either take them or you don't.
When my daughter wanted to get off BC, she finished the cycle, had a period and never went back on the pills. She then counted the first day of her period as DAY 1. On the 14th day she starts 200mg P cream daily. 100mg AM 100mg PM. She uses P till day 28 or until her period starts and that now was DAY 1. There is no guarantee how your skin will adjust from BC to P alone, but my daughter's skin is much improved since being on P for the last year. It took a few months for the initial breakout, but once her body adjusted she is very satisfied and her skin looks fantastic. PLEASE check with a holistic integrative Dr, NP, or P specialist or do your reading on this website about how to use P before you start, for im not suggesting you start at 200mg. But your dose should not be any lower than 100mg daily to prevent ze dominance. You still may experience it so please note that you must INCREASE your dose not decrease. Read pages on Estrogen dominance, How to use P, etc. before you start.
Good luck with the transition.

Jan 12, 2015
How to make the transition
by: Nathalie

Thank you so much Diane! Here in Paris when you have acne gynecologist put you systematically on birth control pill to stop the acne...I have just discover by reading progesterone therapy that it was a different story! And above all a lake of progesterone.
I've stopped the pill and now I'm on progesterone cream . Around 250 mg/day.I'm feeling much better and so as my skin.
But now I have metrorrhagia so I gonna use a higher amount.
For the moment I'm using the cream everyday during one month I think. And then I'll take it just for ovulation cycle. What do you think?

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