Hot flashes, migraines, acne, PMS

I'm 28 and I started having very strong hot flashes a few months ago. When I looked up information online, I realized that I had been having the less severe versions of hot flashes for years, but didn't realize what they were -- I thought I was just flushing (although very strongly at times) randomly.

I've always had extremely painful menstrual cramps, and in the past few years I've started having migraines, sometimes as often as twice a week. I've also had acne and unstable blood sugar for most of my adult life. I also bruise easily, get tired easily, etc. I started taking Chasteberry about a month and a half ago, and the acne has gotten steadily worse, also the blood sugar is less stable now than it was. I have not had any more hot flashes, but feel "anxious" with hot, prickly feelings in my neck and upper chest, as if I was doing something VERY very stressful, although I'm actually not stressed out at all. I started applying progesterone cream a few days ago, and had some migraines and bloated up quite a bit. Lots more anxious, prickly feelings. I've read through the information on this website and see that it could be the estrogen dominance getting worse temporarily -- and hope that's the case.

Do you have any experience with women using Chasteberry supplements in addition to progesterone cream? Also, I've realized that I probably got myself into this situation by drinking milk -- November through May, I drank a large, 20oz latte or cappucinno every single day, and sometimes ate yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products. I'm currently on a very low sugar and low carbohydrate diet and I get moderate exercise and sunshine exposure daily. I am wondering if its OK to drink goat's milk, or if that will make me worse also. Also, should I avoid soy? For those with acne, what is a typical length of time for the progesterone to begin to take effect? I am taking 100mg of zinc per recommendations posted earlier. Thank you.

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Jul 24, 2010
Hot flashes, migraines, acne, PMS
by: Wray

Hi there It sounds very much like the hot flushes have been caused by unstable blood glucose. If this drops too low, too fast, hot flushes, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, headaches and more can occur. Milk does contain a form of sugar called lactose, as you probably know, so it's good you've stopped that, particularly if you added sugar too. Goat's milk is the better of the two, alternatively cream which contains very little sugar. Although we were never designed to drink or eat dairy beyond mother's milk. I'm pleased you're on a low sugar/carb diet, for excellent advice on diet please see our web page on Nutrition and Diet. There are a number of choices. The acne is caused by an increase in testosterone, which is stimulated by insulin, which in turn rises in response to sugar or carbs. So it's good you've reduced these. Please see our page on Acne, progesterone can help, but there are many other factors involved. Low zinc is one, so I'm pleased you're taking 100mg/day. Chasteberry is a phytoestrogen, so it might be an idea to stop it. Oestrogen, however mild, causes unstable blood glucose. Which is why many women get cravings the few days prior to their periods starting, the result of progesterone dropping sharply and the ratio between it and oestrogen becoming unbalanced. This is also the reason for the menstrual cramps, actually caused by prostaglandins. The same prostaglandins that cause the uterus to cramp in childbirth. Progesterone suppresses these. Progesterone does stimulate oestrogen initially, but it does pass! For more info on this please see Oestrogen Dominance And yes avoid soy, it slows the thyroid down, plus it also contains phytoestrogens. For more info please see here. I generally recommend between 100-200mg/day progesterone, dependant on symptoms and of course stress drops levels, so more should be used over any stressful time. Progesterone does help bruising, I had that and it cleared quite quickly. If you find it doesn't you could try about 2000mg/day N-acetyl cysteine, the skin, hair and nails comprise about 14% cysteine, making them strong and healthy. Take care Wray

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