Hormone help

by Sammy

I have been feeling misrable for the past 5 years. I just showed a doctor my saliva results for my hormones and he said everything looks fine. He only commented on the slightly high testosterone. Saliva samples were collected on day 22 of menstural cycle, that would be luteal, I think.

These are the results (pmol/L)...

Progesterone P4 418.7
Testosterone 184.8 range 25.0 - 190.0
Estradiol E2 41.3
P4/E2 ratio 10.1
DHEA 23.8 range 2.5 -25

Isn't estrogen on the high end and progesterone heading towards the low end? Does anybody know if progerstone can help lower testosterone as well?

Anybody's thoughts on this would be great. Thankyou in advance!

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Mar 25, 2010
Hormone help
by: Wray

Hi Sammy. The range for unsupplemented progesterone is 100-400, so yours is just over this. Oestrogen unsupplemented is 4-7, so yours is high, although the ratio falls just within normal at 10.1, the range for this being 10-100. I think this is why you're feeling miserable. If your oestrogen was 4.13 it would bring the ratio to 101.38, this would certainly make you feel better! Your testosterone is high, but if you decide to supplement with progesterone, you'll find this comes down, the oestrogen too. It's worth trying to my mind, it's very safe so you have nothing to loose. But before you do please read this. Take care, Wray

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