Hormone Crazy

by Monja
(South Africa)

Morning Wray Whyte

I have always been hormone crazy (everything you can think of aches, pains, imbalanced hormones, weight gain, insomnia, depression, mood swings, crying spells) etc... I have battled with irregular to no periods since my daughter's birth 11 years ago and I have put on a lot of weight that I am struggling to lose. I am on Metformin 500mg morning and night for Insulin Resistance. I also suffer with restless legs and bad back aches. And I scratch my head (scalp) open at times.

Middle last year a VERY GOOD friend of mine that owns Integrity Health Shop in Cape Town introduced NatPro Progesterone Cream to me as almost a final HUGE HOPE of trying to help me and it was like I was touched by Angels. I immediately started feeling more relaxed and it made me feel like I could start coping with life. Like my head wasn't feeling so crazy too ( I know it sounds strange but its very true). I got my period every month and things started to calm down (hormones) for me.... I WASNT EDUCATED ENOUGH ABOUT PROGESTERONE CREAM AND HOW TO USE IT PROPERLY and fell pregnant without knowing in December 2016. I ran out of Progesterone Cream (back to craziness and pains) and once I got more immediately started re-applying ( to help my body cope and get back on track). I ended up in the Emergency Unit at Melomed Tokai (January 2017) hearing after urine tests that I was pregnant ( blood tests confirmed 3-4 weeks pregnancy but our bubble didn't stay). I was so devastated and emotional at the time because my fiancée and I have been trying for 3 years to fall pregnant. I had a D&C (evac) done on the 21st of January and only on the 5th of March 2017, 45 days after the D&C started slight spotting (no period yet) but my body has been suffering with all the craziness once again. My Gynaecologist suggested I start on Provera and then he will give me Clomid but I have been hesitating as I get very sick from those hormone filled meds (even birth control meds makes me a real monster). Today 8th of March 2017 after fighting with myself and doing loads of research I decided to start using the Progesterone Cream.

I hope I am doing the right thing and not causing my body any further harm. If I understand the research done correctly I must stop with the Progesterone Cream once I get my period, and only start re-using it on the 12th day. That I should continue using it everyday morning and evening about a 1/4 teaspoon and if I don't get my period do an immediate pregnancy test just to confirm pregnancy. BUT... do I stop it if the test is negative until my 12th day OR do I just continue using it?? I would recommend this product to EVERYONE as its saved my life but I am just not educated enough on how to save myself and any future bubbles (pregnancies). Thank you for your time and all the information received and articles read. Gods riches blessing to you and your team with this amazing Product and future studies. Forever Grateful.

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Mar 10, 2017
Hormone Crazy
by: Joy

Hi Monja

Many thanks for your post. Sadly Wray Whyte passed away at the end on January.

I live in South Africa. Please contact me via my website and I will help you further.

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