by Danielle
(U S A)

Oh how I wish I understood back when.

I "developed"early. In my teens and twenties especially, I was excitable,depressed,etc. I had somewhat irregular cycles, but went on to have seven children with my husband. Having gained much weight over time, I had some
spotting early on in a couple pregnancies and feared loss, but thank-you God all was ok.

After my third child, in my twenties, I had severe post-partum. I had some trouble coping each time, but this was bad. I wanted each child, and I loved being pregnant. This time, I thought I was going crazy and for years suffered the most terrible
panic attacks, thinking I would never be normal again. I discovered that estrogen dominance was a big part of my problem. Happy during pregnancy-hello-high progesterone time! PMS, emotional, angry, spotting, breakouts, hair loss-hello-high estrogen!

After birth, all that progesterone plumets to zero! Being very heavy does not help, estrogen is stored in your fat. Weight loss, exercise, vitamins and minerals and progesterone have made a very real difference to me. Also-Magnesium! 1,000 to 1,200mg each day, calms body and mind! It truly helps.

I see so many other women suffering from high estrogen, and they are unaware, it makes me want to cry. Women with infertility, repeat early pregnancy loss, relationships ruined because of erratic emotions, all could be prevented or helped if they only knew! It even contributes to insulin resistance and diabetis-I know many woman who suffer from all of the above. And my god, breast and "female" CANCERS! If you know woman suffering from any of these (who doesn't?) please tell them about real progesterone. Bio-identical. I could have been spared so much if only I had known.

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Sep 19, 2010
by: Wray

Hi Danielle Thanks for your comment, I wish many women could see it. Progesterone does help, is needed, as oestrogen is everywhere now, in our food, water, air and the skin care we all use. You might like to see this excellent website called Our Stolen Future. Take care Wray

Sep 27, 2010
I feel lost and confused....something is still not right.
by: Eve

Dear Wray, You have helped me in the past. One of your recommendations, I didn?t try. I think maybe I should. I have severe PMS/PMDD symptoms (suicidal thoughts). You gave me 3 options- The third options was to stay on a high dose for 2-3 months and just even through my period as it will come and go as it has been totally irregular anyway. For the past several months I have tried to follow my cycle which is all over the board. My saliva report from April 10 shows my estrogen high, progesterone low 70 (prog range is pg/ml 30-300) and my balance between the two is 17L (optimal is 100-500- from what I at 37 I should be around 300L). More recently, my serum levels taken in Sept 2010 (2 days before my period) was 10 ng/ml (up from Mar 2010 which was 5.7 ng/ml - 6 days before my period). I saw a bio-cytonics scientist in Aug. 2010 (day 18 of my cycle ? and I started my period day 28) who studied my blood under microscope. Here is what he told me (without knowing anything about why I was there) 1. I am developing insulin resistance 2. I have a lot of free radical cell damage 3. I have high levels of Candida 4. My hormones are out of whack 5. I am niacin deficient.
Currently I use 600 mg day 14 to bleed and 300 mg day 1-13. I use 300mg cream and 300mg trouche. My doctor has been reluctant to make too many changes at one time (putting me on only cream). I am perplexed as this dose is not enough to keep all the estrogen dominance from occurring such as gaining weight at my period. Last cycle I increased my dose to 1200mg, I lost weight while on my period. This is the first time in 17 months (since I got off the pill in April 2009 after 20 years of use) that I did not gain weight. My total gain is 35#. I eat a good diet with frequent meals to balance my blood sugar. I ordered your PCOS supplement (my tryglicerides are at 469 which has come down from 517). Going further to my history, my father?s mom had many miscarriages (5 or so) before my father. She was sick the entire time she was pregnant and never had any more children. My mother had hysterectomy (heavy bleeding) in her 30's. I had estrogen dominance symptoms (severe depression, weight gain abdomen and upper body area, high triglycerides) after starting my period at age 11. I have struggled all my life with my weight except for the 4 years while I was on the BCP Sesonale (suppresses period for three months at a time). I was able to get to a normal weight and easily maintain that the entire time.
So I wonder did the BCP damage my progesterone receptors? Is it permanent damage? Why was my weight so managable while supressing my period for 3 months at a time? I am flustered, fat and frustrated!!


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