Higher LH than FSH in follicular stage Continued

by alison

Hi again Wray,

I feel dumb but just noticed that the estrogen test at 323 pg/ml is total estrogens and does not specify that it is estradiol only or whether it is all three estrogens---does it even matter? I have to retest this wedsnesday and I'll need to get in contact with the doc as he wrote the order for estrogen , total again. What is your opinion on this?

Thanks, alison

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Aug 26, 2013
Higher LH than FSH in follicular stage Continued
by: Wray

Hi Alison I've answered all your questions on the first page you did, this is the URL here. Take care Wray

Aug 29, 2013
by: alison

Hi Wray,

Perhaps you can help me figure this---haha, my body played a trick on me!

I went to lab on Day 20 of my cycle amd had estradiol, testerone and progesterone tested and now on day 23, I have my period.

I'm usualyy a 28 day cycler but last month was 27, hence this month's testing on day 20.

Will I still get some answers I can work with?

I have quite a feeling you will say to up up up prog cream. That's cool. But what I wonder is...are they any women who need estradiol???at all???
I have this crazy heat in my hands and thighs and back and shoulders and face all day long during my period and i'm gonna look at my charts and see if i can find a pattern...

During period-
-do not bleed much at all 2-3 days
-headache/migraine by day 2 of bleeding always since late 30's of age
-sad sad sad
-sometimes tingles in my hand (left)

Then by day 5, last month, I was on fire still and hence the blood tests i took then cause i was on fire. I knew by like day 8 that i was ovulating and sure enough, I was.

What to do? Are these hot flashes???I do not have nightsweats but am hot at night during period. I also exercise a lot and farm a lot.

Aug 29, 2013
by: alison


Hmmm- My doc put me on .025-.05 estradiol cream in april and i was not too happy on that either. Along with prog. throughout the month-cream...20mg-35 follicular and about 70-100 luteal of prog. cream-but i freaked abt the estradiol (did not want to jump on the hormone wagon so quickly)and thought i'd see another doc who said to never use that much progesterone ever. So I decided i'd try progesterone alone. It's been about 3 months of slowly titrating up-cause i have to or i'll freak out- and now i have these 80% of the month prickly hot skin stuff like i'm an inferno! My gyn says to get back on the estradiol and for whatever reason, biochemically, i need to use the e2 with the p4 or the p4 may not work well and i'm getting e2 deficiency symptoms now from using p4 alone all this time and my age and adrenal fatigue! ugh.

So if a woman were to use estradiol bio cream at my age-what amt. would be safe at all and how do i balance it with prog cream???

any help please...btw /wray-You are awesome and free and i'm thankful and slugging watermelon juice cause i'm on fire-my tongue is hot too...

oh yeah-midcycle
-headache and sore joint on right foot-pinkie toe that started last summer
-sad sad sad again
-then kinda good again for a couple of days
-hot and flashy
starts again the pattern blah blah blah

I have to jump in rivers everywhere i go. my head is in the freezer. i hate cooking. my family needs to learn to fast. my feet are sweaty.

Also can't lose weight anymore and i am way too active for plumpiness:(

The only thing that is better is my anxiety-

oh yeah, went toff p cream for 10 days to see if anything might improve9past 10 days---anxiety gone...why do i get more anxiety on it than off?

Aug 31, 2013
Higher LH than FSH in follicular stage
by: Wray

Hi Alison I've answered on your first page. If I don't have continuity I find it extremely difficult to answer questions. Take care Wray

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