High Progesterone Levels

by Lori
(Houston, Texas, USA)

I have been using bioidentical hormones for about 5 years now. I am 56 years old. Have done saliva tests and then ended up doing blood tests with my doctor as it was covered by insurance that way. Kept increasing my progesterone to where it was up to 100 mg. of cream twice a day. I have been using estriol vaginal cream 3x per week (0.1 mg) and a very small amount of estriol bio identical was added last year to help alleviate some hot flashes and anxiety feelings. Continued not feeling right, not sleeping well at night and exhausted in the day (off and on) Doctor left practice and a nurse practioner has taken over the hormones. I switched and did a saliva test. My results were very alarming. My progesterone levels were at 30,000 instead of a normal 450 and my estrogen was 10 x too high as well. She changed my progesterone to 10 mg. 2 x a day and I stopped using the estriol except in the vaginal cream. 6 weeks later, I did another saliva test and progesterone has come way down but still way high! It was at 8000 and estrogen was more in normal range. Mind you, bloodwork shows NOTHING in the high range, even shows estrogen on the low side. A doctor reviewed it and is switching me to 10 mg. progesterone 1x daily in stead of 2x now. He seemed concerned as he wanted me to get a mammogram. I got a thermograph done instead which shows to be normal. How dangerous can these very high numbers be? I am considering getting a mammogram as well even though I am not crazy about shooting radiation directly into my breasts. What can you tell me about these very high saliva test results and my blood test results show everything in the low range.I never thought I could be having too much progesterone.

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Apr 13, 2015
High Progesterone Levels
by: Wray

HI Lori Please see our page on Progesterone Test by Dr Zava. Take care Wray

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