Help stop my bleeding

by Chris
(Algonquin, IL)

I have endo and have never had a problem, but recently my cycles have been off for the last 5 to 6 months. This month my period started for 3 days, stoped, started again and was on day 10 of bleeding when I went to see my gyne. He is running blood work to check my hormone levels, gave me an order to have and internal pelvic ultrasound, and a prescription for pharma progesterone to stop the bleeding. Prescription was for 10mg of Provera, 15 tablets.

I would be prefer to use a natural product, so I'm at your site to learn all I can.

I started progesterone cream immediately, Kororo. 3 times a day 1/4 teaspoon. I read your information about Endo. My bleeding has gotten heavier and it is now day 13 of bleeding.

Will this help stop my bleeding as I have my ultrasound test in 3 days?

How do I get myself out of this cycle and back to a more normal cycle, if I don't know my ovulation date?

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Jan 23, 2013
Help stop my bleeding
by: Wray

Hi Chris I'm relieved you would prefer to use natural means to stop the bleeding. Progesterone does, but of course as this term is interchangeable with progestins, many doctors believe they are one and the same. And as doctors understand how to prescribe progestins, always use these. But they do have the potential to harm, see our page on Contraceptives. I have found 400mg/day progesterone is needed, so you are using no where near enough. The 3/4tsp you're using is giving you about 92mg/day. Please consider taking at least 2000mg/day NAC (N-acetyl cysteine), 2000mg/day taurine and at least 5000iu per day vitamin D. Please have a test done, as you might need more. The NAC inhibits the MMPs which break down the lining, there's more info on our page about Menstruation. Taurine is low in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, see here. And vitamin D is needed by every cell to function normally, plus it stops cells proliferating. I would suggest you use the progesterone daily, through the bleeding, for about 2-3 months. This will ensure progesterone becomes dominant and suppresses the excess oestrogen. Once things have settled down, you can think about following a cycle. We have more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. You might like to read this page here for encouragement. Take care Wray

Jan 24, 2013
by: Chirs

I am using NAC and Taurine along with increasing to progestrone cream to 120. I will increase again today as I still have break though bleeding.

The NAC as helped with clotting and the Taurine has already reduced my blood pressure to normal levels.
When I was at the doc office my blood pressure, which is not normally high was 162/88. I started keeping a log and it is back down to 120/78.

If I continue with the cream for 2 or 3 months, will I still get a period? How will I know how to get to a regular cycle when the time comes?

Thank you so much for your web site. I don't understand why doctors don't give you this much information!!!

Jan 26, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Chris That was quick, already taking the NAC and taurine. I'm delighted they've both helped so quickly too, or were you taking them before I asked you to? Taurine does reduce blood pressure if too high, it's the most important amino acid for the heart. There's more in it than all other aminos combined. It helps calm it down, and our brains too. So long as increasing the progesterone slowly doesn't cause any Oestrogen Dominance symptoms each time, that's fine. But I think you'll probably need much more than 120mg/day. By your phrase "If I continue with the cream for 2 or 3 months, will I still get a period?" do you mean will you continue to have a cycle if using it daily, then yes, as you're not taking any where near enough to stop the bleeding. Amounts of 400mg/day and more are needed to do this. Although many find even at 400mg/day they still have a cycle. Once you feel stable enough to follow your cycle, then stop using the progesterone at the next period. You don't say how long your cycle is, but progesterone should only be used from ovulation to bleeding. Ovulation occurs in all women, 12-14 days before bleeding, irrespective of their cycle length. We have more ufo about this on our page How to use progesterone cream. One thing I forgot to ask you was your age. If you are in Peri-menopause, then cycles do become very erratic. Sometimes spotting, sometimes flooding, sometimes nothing at all. Maybe you could let me know. Thanks for the kind words! I don't know why doctors don't, I sometimes feel that women are a mystery to them, and best just treated with drugs. Take care Wray

Jan 29, 2013
by: Chris

Good Morning,
I had taken NAC before for a sinus issue but never thought that it would work for clotting. I bought the Taurine on your recommendation.

I have increased my cream again and am now taking 200 mg. This dose stopped the bleeding completely. It has also given me back my brain and my willingness to do the things that I have been putting off around the house. I have more energy and am not feeling so overwhelmed.

I’ll admit, the directions are a bit confusing. I wasn’t sure if continued use through my entire cycle would still allow my body to have a period. I will use 200mg of cream for 3 months and then follow my normal cycle with a more normal dose.

I am 48 and was told I'm about two years away from menopause. I went to a follow up appointment yesterday with my doc and my FSH level was 6.8. My ultra sound showed I do have a fibroid, my uterine wall was not thick, and I had no cysts. Doc said the 200mg was the perfect amount of cream to use and wants me to return in 90 to review my cycle and symptoms. He suggested keeping a journal to track symptoms, flow, cycle time. I have always been so regular, I didn't have to think about all this, but a journal is a good idea.

I have to say, I was nervous letting him know I was going the natural route, but he was very supportive.

I found a product that is meant to help reduce fibroids and excess endometrial tissue, Fibrovan. Will consider using it, after this cycle in attempt to rid myself of the fibroid. I think this is the culprit causing my constant bleed.

If it helps anyone else, I highly recommend reading the book, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause, by Dr. John Lee. I learned many things about my body that I hadn’t thought much about before.

Once again, thank you for your support.

Jan 30, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Chris I'm delighted the 200mg/day stopped the bleeding, that is low. And it does give us back our brains, I had lost mine too! Plus I suffered from procrastination too, and many other things. When you do reduce the progesterone, please do so very slowly, no more than 20mg/reduction, staying on that a few days before reducing again. If too fast symptoms come back. The average age for Menopause is 51, with peri-menopause starting 5-10 years before. So you are in the let few years, please be aware your periods will become very erratic. When this occurs it's impossible to follow the cycle so just use the progesterone daily. If you have Fibroids, which are caused by oxidative stress, please have a vitamin D test done. There appears good reason it could be a lack of this which causes them. Taking the vitamin D certainly shrinks them, see here, here, here and here. I'm so happy you found your doctor so supportive, as too many aren't. The Fibrovan seems a good product, and has antioxidants in it, so taking that and the vitamin D should reduce them. Fibroids can cause heavy bleeding. Dr Lee's book is good, so is his one on breast cancer. Dr Dalton is another worth reading too. Take care Wray

Feb 12, 2016
how much can a woman take?
by: Maria

I've been patiently waiting to join the menopause club - 49, 50, 51 here I am 55 still bleeding heavily every month; hey sometimes most of the month , having to stop my daily routine frequently to change leaky tampons, wash extra stains out, disruption of sleep feeling escaping blood, change pads, etc. I thought at this stage and age way after baring kids the bleeding was supposed to taper off....but sadly for me , its heavier longer and WORSE !!!! Any advice except go see a doctor and have a hysterectomy?

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