Help, I need help

by Pam Beauchamp
(Big Spring, Texas)

I have had a total hysterectomy. I am on HRT, which includes, estradiol, progesterone (yam) and testosterone. I have stopped the testosterone. Mad me feel so bad. I would like to try the NATPRO, and can now order. I have no idea how much to use or order. Can someone help. When I take the estrogen, I get the estrogen dominance side effects. I keep adding more of the progesterone yam cream, but still not feeling normal. Also, I need help with conversions from mls to teaspoons. Can anyone help with the conversions, and how much to use. I can seem to get answers.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

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Aug 25, 2014
by: Deborah

Hi Pam

I'll try to help the little bit that I can, but hopefully other people will be able to help more:

First of all, don't use the progesterone with yam. I know that I've read it on this site, and others as well. Maybe try typing in 'yam' in the google custom search box at the top of the home page, and see what articles come up.

Also, you need to not be on any estrogen at all. Wray and Joy can help you so much more with the 'why', but I'll just say that you already get so many fake estrogens thrown at you every day by the modern environment that we all live in, that you have more than you'll ever need.

Here's the link to the home page; read this, particularly where it tells why you should start at a very high dose, and how much you need:

Progesterone Therapy

And here's the page that tells you a lot more, plus at the bottom it converts mg into teaspoons:

How to use progesterone cream

So if for instance, you start out at 400 mg a day, that breaks down to almost two and a half teaspoons a day. It also shows you at each dosage how many days the tube will last, so then you can figure out how much to order.

There seems to be a problem with production of Natpro right now - hopefully it will be available soon.

I can't remember what other questions you had, but hopefully this is some help for you! : )

Aug 26, 2014
Thanks Deborah
by: Anonymous

thank you for your help, this is what I was looking for. I appreciate your help. I try to read a lot about it, but I was just not sure what to do. I do appreciate your help with the amts you listed and the links you provided me. I will begin reading asap. Thank you again.

Aug 26, 2014
by: Deborah

You're welcome Pam!

I'm glad that I could help. : )

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