by Helen
(Cheraw, SC, US)

Have just received ClearPatch Natural Progesterone USP 5% Lotion in the mail from Gentle Pharmacy. Have been using Emerita Progesterone cream around 100mg/day. The ClearPatch states not to use as much lotion as you do in a Progesterone cream due to the availability/absorption of the Progesterone in the lotion. States that you do not need as much lotion as you would in a cream. Do you know anything about this? It state to use 2-10 drops per day for menopause (10 drops = 14mg Progesterone)

I have been using Progesterone cream since June 3, 2013 everyday. Do I need to take a break? Was afraid to because I was in such a bad way when I started using it and I did NOT want all those horrible symptoms to come back. I have also noticed starting last week that I'm starting to have hot flashes, stress incontinence and anxiety again. All of these were much better and now it's like they are trying to break through. I'm assuming/thinking that I need to increase my dosage of Progesterone. Would like your guidance/recommendations on this also.

Thank You in advance for your time and consideration.

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Jul 10, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Helen In spite of saying it's more readily available as a lotion, there's a limit to how available. I have found with the thick and sticky creams the progesterone is not absorbed well. But a light cream would act as well as a lotion. I have heard from users of Emerita that it is slightly thick, and that the cream we make is very different. We do know the progesterone is absorbed well as we run Saliva Tests on it. I don't see how anyone can market a progesterone cream without doing them. How anyone can say 2.8mg/day is sufficient beats me! Not even 40mg/day raises levels to that found in the luteal phase. There's more info on our page about Progesterone Misconceptions. And if symptoms are severe far more is needed. The 100mg/day you were using is the minimum I suggest. If it helped you I would go back to that amount. It would mean you would need to use 71 drops. We do have a few pages you could look through, How to use progesterone cream, Peri-menopause and Menopause. Take care Wray

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