Having brown spots before my period

by Eillen
(Toronto, Canada)

I'm 37 years old and in the last two years I have have browns spots for 3 or 4 days before my period. Is this normal?

Do I have problems with my progesterone? Is this afecting my fertility?

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Jun 29, 2010
Having brown spots before my period
by: Wray

Hi Eillen Spotting before a period does indicate progesterone is dropping. It won't affect your fertility, as that is dependant on how many viable eggs you have left. Women can still have viable eggs at 51. But it does mean your luteal phase is too short, which will affect pregnancy. The luteal phase should be between 12-14 days, I prefer to use the 14 days. This gives enough time for the endometrium to build and the egg to implant. To prevent this drop you could use progesterone, anywhere between 100-200mg/day. For more info on this please see our web page on How to use progesterone cream. And if you're interested in falling pregnant please see our web page on Conception and Pregnancy. Take care Wray

Aug 27, 2010
brown spot 3-4 days before my period
by: Lily

Hi Wray, I am 37 too and have been having exactly the same brown spots before my cycle for the last couple of years. My doctor said it is normal to have changes as my hormones changed. I've always been healthy, with no symptoms before my period. Had 2 pregnancies and 2 lovely boys now. I know there is something out of balance, never trusted traditional medicine and HRT.

I've started NatPro only a week ago. Hope it will help with my other symptoms as well - slowly, but steadily gaining weight (1kg a year), sensitive and enlarged breast before mensturation, swollen tummy too, gall bladder problems.

Aug 30, 2010
brown spot 3-4 days before my period
by: Wray

Hi Lily Hormones do change all the time. Levels fluctuate monthly, stress drops progesterone levels, dark, gloomy days drop it too. A large meal drops the level due to the increased metabolic rate. A low vitamin D level reduces the benefit of progesterone, so yes they change all the time. From about the age of 35 we get the occasional anovulatory month, these get more frequent until menopause, when ovulation ceases. Unless we ovulate, the ovaries make no progesterone, so levels drop. This probably accounts for the spotting you are having, as oestrogen is still stimulating the lining of the uterus. With a low progesterone level MMP's break down the lining. MMP's are enzymes that break down tissue, important at the end of the cycle to remove the old lining. But if progesterone is low they get to work before they should. Progesterone suppresses MMP's, oestrogen too. The weight gain is due to oestrogen being too dominant, this causes insulin resistance, a lack of vitamin D also causes IR. You might like to read more about Insulin Resistance here. It might be an idea to have a vitamin D test done too, for more info please see the Vitamin D council website. Try rubbing the cream on your breasts as it can help these, please see here, here and here. Progesterone does increase bilary output of cholesterol, please see here. This would help the gall bladder. You could consider taking 2000-5000mg/day taurine. This amino acid is vital for bile production, a lack leads to fat build up in the liver and gall bladder. You could also do a gall bladder flush, if you have the stomach for it! It does clear it out of many stones etc. I hope you read the page we have on Oestrogen Dominance. This can occur when first using it and is very disconcerting if it does. Take care Wray

Sep 16, 2010
me experiencing brown spotting
by: Anonymous

I am having slight light brown spotting for the very first time since last 5 days... on alternate days and no periods. my due date of periods has also passed 15 days ago... I'm 28, had no sex ... had some stress and did a little dieting and a cup of green tea regularly... Can anybody explain this? When will I have my normal periods? Should I consult a doctor?

Oct 03, 2010
me experiencing brown spotting
by: Wray

Hi there It might be an idea to have your hormone levels checked. Stress does drop progesterone levels, it can also inhibit the release of FHS (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinising hormone). This leads to impaired development of an egg. Progesterone is only made following ovulation, so stress induced impairment of egg development could possibly alter progesterone production. Supplementing with progesterone can help to get the cycle going again. If you should consider it please see this page on How to use progesterone cream. But before you do please read this page on Oestrogen Dominance. Take care Wray

Feb 29, 2012
brown dischrge
by: scaredtobepregnant

I am 28 years old, i'm sexually active but we're having safe sex. (using condoms). i am expecting my period about 2 to 3 days ago but last night I have dark brown dicharge. That this mean my period is coming or I am pregnant and this is just one of the signs.

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