Have Fibroids, Where & How much Natpro Should I Use?

by C
(Mays Landing, NJ)

Hi Wray, I had the Fibroid Embolization procedure done in 6/05 to reduce 2 fibroids. They were skrinking according to two ultrasounds done in late 2005 & 2006. But last month it was determined through a transvaginal pelvic sonogram, that they are growing again along with a new one. The largest one was reduced to half the size before this procedure.

According to my family doctor, the largest one now would be considered "medium size". Therefore if I choose to have a hysterectomy, than there was no reason I couldn't have a non-invasive one. This report was sent to my ob/gyn doctor as well as my family doctor ordered it. My ob/gyn doctor wasn't able to see me but had his nurse to review this report with me and gave me pamphlets on Lupron Depot and the different types of Hysterectomies and other procedures available to address fibroids. Her thought was that maybe this drug can be use to shrink the fibroids before having a hysterectomy. My ob/gyn would be doing the surgery. I am scheduled for appointment with this doctor in early July (that was the earliest he could see me) but decided to do some research on my own before talking to him.

My research led me to your website and a few other ones that gave advice on natural progesterone cream to skrink fibroids. Currently,my periods are lasting 3-4 days. Also, I do have some hair loss. After reading some stories on your web site about fibroids, hair loss & low progesterone level, I increased my d3 supplement from 1400 IU to 3,000 IU. I didn't do 5,000, because I am a little lactose intolerant. I also added pure Inositol powder and B-Complex. I also take a Omega 3 and Biotin at 2500mcg supplements.

Questions: how much Natpro should I use daily and where should I apply the cream? (since I have fibroid and hair loss problems). Also, should I take Vitamin E at 400 IU & approximately how long might it take to skrink the fibroids?

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Jun 28, 2011
Have Fibroids, Where & How much Natpro Should I Use?
by: Wray

Hi C Lupron is a pretty hectic drug, suppressing all oestrogen. Much as I appear against oestrogen, some is needed. It's the excess which concerns me, whether endogenous or in drug form. Fibroids are an inflammatory disease, caused by excess free radicals. It appears to be a lack of vitamin D behind them, see here, here and here. Most of the modern diseases we suffer from are now being found to be caused by a lack of vitamin D. Oestrogen, being a mitogen and an inflammatory hormone, exacerbates Fibroids. Progesterone does help, as you'll see from the papers on this page. I believe you need vitamin D and progesterone. Please consider having a vitamin D test done, for more info see the Vitamin D council and GrassrootsHealth websites. The recommended daily dose is 5000iu's per day, and the blood level should be 70-100ng/ml. And not the 30ng/ml which is the standard reference that labs use. I don't understand why you're reluctant to take 5000iu's, vitamin D has nothing to do with lactose. I would actually suggest you take 10 000iu's per day. It's a potent anti-inflammatory, and fibroids are an inflammatory disorder. The specialists have found that anything lower than 4000iu's per day doesn't raise the level sufficiently. Please have a test done. For more info on a hyst for fibroids and alternatives see here. There are a number of nutrients which help hair growth, you are already taking some of them. They are 5000iu's/day vitamin D, 2000mg/day N-actyl cysteine, 2000mg/day inositol, 2-3mg biotin and 100mg thiamine (B1). Please check your iron levels, and there is some evidence the amino acid lysine is beneficial too, see here. Vitamin D is vital for the anagen phase of hair growth, see here, here and here. I'm running out of space so will start a new comment below. Take care Wray

Jun 28, 2011
Have Fibroids, Where & How much Natpro Should I Use?
by: Wray

Hi C I recommend 100-200mg/day progesterone, but often more is needed if symptoms are severe. I would suggest you start with 200mg/day, but please be aware of Oestrogen Dominance, this often occurs when high levels of oestrogen are present. You might like to read these comments here and here. Although they didn't have fibroids, they had to use large amounts of progesterone to alleviate their symptoms. Progesterone is an anti-inflammatory hormone and does help, but the nutrients are also essential too. I sound like a broken record, but please consider taking more vitamin D, a lack also reduces the benefits of progesterone. Take care Wray

Jul 06, 2011
Thanks !
by: C

Thanks for responding to my questions. I will start taking 5,000 IU of Vitamin D along with the progesterone cream.

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