Had a total hysterectomy at 45 then downhill from there

by Lina

After my hysterectomy, I went on Premarin... then the "big news scare" and was told to stop taking it... then a bitch was born... so I tried bio identical progesterone... which seemed to work at first, then the witch came back and the night sweats heart palpitations etc etc.

Went back on premarin and after consulting with a bio pharmacist... suggested I try the patch... fell off... now I am on estradiol gel... one pump... helps but still a tad devilish. It was suggested by same pharmacist that I try progesterone for balance... then try to wean off the estradiol. This is where i am now. I started Natpro a couple of days ago. I don't know if it is in my head but I feel great already. I am using 1/2 tsp... I did not want to measure every time so I bought a pump bottle at the dollar store and low and behold one pump is app 1/4 tsp so I use that morning and night. I feel things are looking up...:)

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May 20, 2010
Had a total hysterectomy at 45 then downhill from there
by: Wray

Hi Lina. Well I'm pleased you came off the Premarin! And of course using the bio hormones would have activated the oestrogen receptor sites, which would have made the 'witch' come back. You were by now full of synthetic oestrogen, plus 45% horses hormones as these are not removed! The oestradiol gel would be slightly better than Premarin, but not what you want, please see here. And here.

I'm amazed the Natpro is helping so soon, and that you haven't had oestrogen dominance symptoms again, please see here. If this does occur please increase the dose, currently you are getting ±80mg progesterone. Normally I would recommend 100-200mg/day, certainly initially. Please remember that progesterone drops sharply if stressed, so more would be needed over a stressful time. Take care, Wray

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