Four early term missed miscarriages

by Ali

I've had 4 early missed miscarriages, 3 in the last 18 months. for the last 3 pregnancies, I've had an early scan showing everything is going well, then the baby dies the next day and I don't find out until the next scan. the loss never passes by itself - I never have any bleeding, although I always know something is wrong because I lose the pregnancy symptoms. I get pregnant very easily but it never stays.

I've had a blighted ovum (d&c), 5-6 weeks , 6 weeks with a heartbeat - then at the 7 week scan the baby had only developed for a day or more and the last loss at 8 weeks - a 10 week scan showed the baby died at 8w1d. I always take mistoprol as I never miscarry naturally. Is it possible to have missed miscarriages due to low progesterone or would you normally begin to bleed?

All the tests show nothing is wrong, the doctors are hoping to enter me into a clinical trial for a new drug if I get pregnant again soon but unfortunately I will not be able to take progesterone with it. My progesterone was low with/after one of the losses - I think it was 2 and I think it should be at least 10-12 during a normal non-pregnant cycle? The hospital don't want to test my progesterone levels on day 21 - they said it works differently in pregnancy. I'm going to push for it with my GP if I don't get pregnant next cycle.

I'm under a huge amount of stress, I've lost my family because of this. I'm pretty sure I have adrenal fatigue as I have many of the symptoms - I'm working on recovery. I have wondered if the stress causes my hormones to crash each time.

I'm so heartbroken and I'm beginning to lose hope. I'm nearly 35 and I feel like time is running out for me. My heart goes out to everyone who has shared their story here. Thank you for all your stories.

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Feb 10, 2015
Four early term missed miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Ali Never give up hope, I had 5 miscarriages, all within the first 6 to 8 weeks. Mine were all due to too much stress at the time, so it doesn't surprise me you are having them. I would say you are very low in progesterone and Vitamin D. Too low a level of this also causes miscarriages, see here, here and here. Please have a test done to check your level. And please get in touch with Jules our distributor in London, she's helped a great many women to fall pregnant and keep the baby. Her email address is Take care Wray

Apr 08, 2015
Thank you
by: Ali

Hi Wray, thank you so much for your response. I'm on a clinical trial at the moment and can't take progesterone but will definitely bare it in mind for any future pregnancies. I've just had a 12 week scan and unbelievably, everything is going really well. I know I have a very long way to go, but with my history, to get to this point is amazing.

Apr 09, 2015
Four early term missed miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Ali I'm really pleased things are going so well. Would love to know the name of the drug you're taking. Keep in touch. Take care Wray

Dec 19, 2016
by: Ali

Hi Wray

I just found this website when searching for mood swings and extended breastfeeding and realised it was the same site I had posted on regarding my miscarriages a couple of years ago.

I got pregnant shortly after posting, went on the clinical trial and had acupuncture (and made many lifestyle changes, and after a stressful pregnancy (with first tri bleeding, a small for gestational age baby diagnosed by ultrasound, and a crash c-section after we were minutes away from losing her during labour due to cord compression), I gave birth to a beautiful, 5 lb little girl. I still can't believe it, 14 months on.

The clinical trial was for a form of G-CSF x

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