For how long is safe progesterone at 500 to 600 mg daily?

by DSR
(Puerto Rico)

I have a very bad case of endometriosis. Doctors only offer me surgery and Lupron. I'm not willing to expose my body to that. I've already been thru surgery and I actually got worse after it. I have had endometriosis since I was 15 years old and I am 40 years old now. I found this website while searching for answers after a really bad endometriosis flare-up on May 2016 and, following Joy's advice, started using 500 mg progesterone daily. Some days I even use more, depending on symptoms. I also changed my diet and my improvement has been significant. The pain is about 80% less and also the other symptoms have improved as well. I am really happy and grateful to all the good people in this website, specially to Joy.
My question is, can I keep with this progesterone dose for one year? I know that my body needs this and don't want to stop or lessen the benefits of it in my healing journey... Any advice will be more than welcome :)

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Oct 04, 2016
For how long is safe progesterone at 500 to 600mg daily?
by: Joy

Oh how fabulous to hear this news DSR and thank you for trusting and believing in advice offered and your kind words. You must keep on the amount currently being used until ALL your symptoms clear, then and only then can you consider reducing the amount of cream used. It is vital that when reducing to do this gradually and slowly – i.e. reduce by 16-20mg at a time. Stay on the reduced amount for a week and if no adverse symptoms appear, then reduce again and so on until you find a level that suits you. Reducing too soon and too quickly will see the return of all your adverse symptoms. You can stay on the amount used for as long as your body takes to adjust. The error would be to reduce too soon.

Keep going.

Oct 05, 2016
For how long....
by: DSR

Thanks for your response Joy :)
I am going to maintain this dose...for a long time...I feel my body is healing and for the last 3 months I was able to work during my period without a problem. I have never experienced an improvement in my condition before. I have been thru an in vitro in 2012 and one of the steps was to inject myself with progesterone for 2 weeks. The injections were painful BUT I noticed after the injections I was so much better and did not have a endometriosis flare-up for the next two months of that year. So, I started reading about progesterone and endometriosis but was afraid to try it because no doctor wanted to prescribe it for me. I talked to 3 different doctors...after 4 years my condition got so worst that I was bleeding rectally and in bed for one week a month. In May 2016 I couldn't take it any more and said to myself: Well, what you have to loose? And that's when I wrote to you and you have been more than a BLESSING!!!
I talk to every other endo patient I know about this website and your help. Thanks again and I wish you all the blessings, peace and gifts HEAVEN can send you! Thanks

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