by Fara
(Tehran Iran)

Mine is not a story it is mostly a question. I am 52 , a year ago I was always full of energy and as a teacher giving lots of energy to others. I used to excercise, take care of a big house, entertain all the time, manage a business and take care of three children and I was still very up and energetic. For the past year I am struggling to be all of the above, but I am constantly in pain, I am not me any more. I avoid going out all the time always coming up with excuses..........
Do you think I can benefit from your product? If yes, I do have a visa card, but I live in Iran at the moment, but have a billing address in the states. What is your policy?

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Dec 28, 2013
Estrogen Dominance
by: Joy

Hi Fara

You will most definitely benefit from using our product - see here. From what you have described you very clearly suffering from estrogen dominance and progesterone is needed to balance things out. Please read the page on it as it will explain so much more to you - see estrogen dominance. At 52 you are either in peri-menopause or menopause, not sure which as you have not mentioned any monthly periods or what they are like, so please read both pages - see here and here.

Another very important thing to consider is vitamin D, do you know what your level is? If not, please consider have a test done as a deficiency can cause depression, it also reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single cell in our bodies making it vital - see here.

Unfortunately we do not deliver to Iran, it is best to use your USA billing address.

Take care.

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