Extended breastfeeding and oestrogen dominance

by Aloka
(Mumbai, indis)

this website is amazing and so is your work.
i have been on the paleo diet for 4 years but recently after i got my menstruation back after 15 months because of extended breastfeeding i am beginning to feel the lack of progesterone and found you site after searching all over for something to throw some light on what i've been feeling.
it's strange the lack of information out there on a topic so common.
I'm your experience do you feel that this is a reason I have sudden hormonal imbalance?

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Feb 14, 2014
by: Kari

I breastfed my son for around 20 months. (He is almost 5 now). Looking back, after his birth is when I started showing major signs of low progesterone which have continued and progressed over the last 5 years. As much as I wouldn't trade those 20 months for the world....I can see now that it made me extremely estrogen dominant and it'll probably take a long time to get back on track. I wish someone would have clued me into what was happening to me back then. I just thought I was depressed and miserable for no reason. Why aren't people talking about low progesterone?????

Mar 23, 2014
Postweaning weight gain, sleep disturbance & mood swings - HELP!!!!
by: Anonymous

Hi I nursed two babies back to back for two years each. The first one continued to nurse six months into my 2nd pregnancy. I had a 3 month break before I started nursing my 2nd child for two years. With each birth I returned to menstruation 2 months postpartum with very regular but heavy menses. I barely gained any weight during both pregnancies but gained about 10 to 15lbs while nursing each child. During my last pregnancy I gained less than 10lbs but started gaining 4 months pp. I weaned weaned my son 9 months ago after two years of heavy nursing. I loved nursing and suffered mild depression with sever anxiety 2 months post weaning. Mood swings like the worst PMS ever starting at ovulation. I'm lethargic with low energy, I have decreased thirst and appetite I have to nap in the afternoon I literally pass out on the sofa while my kids go wild. I fall asleep easily at night but wake up after 3hrs. I've lost a lot of hair on my head but have stubble on my chin. Periods are regular but lighter. The most alarming thing is my weigh gain. During the 9 months since weaning I have gained almost 20lbs!!! I'm not a big eater but I eat well following Weston Price and a gluten free low carb diet. I have never been overweight before. My knees and hips ache from all the extra weight. Blood tests of course show everything is normal. I know that something is not right. I just took the Progesterone Questionnaire on this site and scored 63!!! I live in LA can anyone recommend a Dr please? I am a 40yr old single mum of a 4 and 2yr old. Can anyone provide me with their personal suggestions? I take 10,000 IU of Vit D daily and also Zinc and Magnesium. I feel like I'm always PMSing. Another alarming thing is every time I eat my abdomen bloats to the extent that I look like I'm 9 months pregnant! People open doors for me give up their seat, ask me when I'm due, tell me I have my hands full I'm too embarrassed to say I'm not even pregnant. Truth is I'd love to be pregnant. I'm really pining for another baby so much but I'm single. I do not get constipated or suffer low libido either. What's wrong with me? I'm tired of the Dr constantly telling me its just stress. HELP me please.

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