Estrogen and Thyroid meds

by Shari
(North Carolina)

I'm 63 and in good health, have never had HRT or needed it. However, I was diagnosed with thyroid "on the low side" from a routine blood test.

My doctor prescribed Levothyroxine 25 mgs daily. After taking the medicine for about 2 months, I suddenly began to retain just about everything I drank, my formerly healthy bowels shut down and I gained 3 pounds (with no change in diet or exercise routines).

Do you know if thyroid meds cause more estrogen to be produced -- it sure sounds like I have estrogen dominance symptoms. If I use natural progesterone cream, how long should I use it without a break, as I've read that you can develop resistance to it unless you quit for 6-7 days a month? Thanks for your help.

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